The A to Z of top English misspelled words

We all know that English is a ridiculous language and has hundreds of stupid discrepancies in spelling, grammar, punctuation and more.

However just for the hell of it, here is an A to Z of 26 commonly misspelled English words…which are your favorites?

Apparant – ApparEnt

Brocolli – BrocColi

Calender – CalendAr

Definately – DefinItely

Experianced – ExperiEnced

Forward (to a book) – ForEwOrd

Grammer – GrammAr

Helpfull – HelpfuL

Independant – IndependEnt

Jam (part of doorway) – JamB

Kittan – KittEn

Lightening (as in thunderstorm) – LighTNing

Navel (armed forces) – NavAl

Obediant – ObediEnt

Parralel – PaRalLel

Questionaire – QuestionNaire

Reffered – ReFerred

Seperate – SepArate

Troop (of actors, dancers) – TroUp

Unneccessary – UnneCessary

Vice (clamp) – ViSe

Writting – WriTing

Xray – X-ray

Yoke (of an egg) – YoLK

Zink – ZinC


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  1. Here’s the one I see *all* the time in the fitness genre: “loose” weight rather than lose weight.

    And your post brings to mind my favorite philosophy professor (from decades ago), who used to say repeatedly, “There is no ‘a’ in ‘existence.'”

  2. Good list, Suze. ‘Vise’ is correct for North American English, and ‘vice’ is correct for British/UK English – as always, vive la différence 😉

  3. Marnie Byod says

    Great list. So true, sometimes in writing we forgot to review of what we have written. When I am writing I make sure the grammar and the correct spelling as well.

  4. Really? People commonly misspell kitten and writing? Jesus, that’s just depressing.