The best of Content Writing News 2014 – top curated articles

The best of Content Writing News 2014 - top curated articlesSubscribers to Content Writing News (formerly Blog Writing News) will know that I curate what I see as the most useful articles from around the web … helpful for anyone who wants to polish up their blogging and content writing. Here is my pick of the articles I think were the best of the crop during 2014. If you disagree, or want to add some, please share in the comments.

How to optimize your blog for SEO: 5 steps
By Jasmine Henry on Business2Community. This gets a bit techie in places but the advice is excellent…89% of modern consumers use search engines to make purchase decisions, and 75% of search users never click beyond the first page of search results,” says Jasmine. “Your website needs to rank well in Google, Bing, and Yahoo to capture the attention of your future customers.”

The art and science of business blogging
Excellent article by Matt Byrom, also on Business2Community. He’s very thorough and gives a good explanation of content marketing of which your business blog is the major part. “At its heart, blogging operates on one very basic principle: a well-organized, high-quality body of content with appropriate SEO can both generate and sustain organic traffic for years to come.”

143 blogging ideas to create epic content
Some good ideas here from Pragati Bidkar on B2C once again … and plenty of OK ones. A useful post to bookmark if you’re still short of ideas after checking out the blogging category on HTWB… Pragati has thought of some categories I haven’t touched upon yet! And she also writes a highly appetizing food blog … check it out if you love Indian food.

7 most common mistakes of a business blog
Good one by Jesse Aaron – I especially agree with what he says about responding to comments on your blog posts and  their social media promotion posts. A very useful reality check for any blogger. Jesse tells it like it is with no hot air or padding.

18 seductive writing tips that’ll leave your readers begging for more
Amusing article by Henneke Duistermaat on Jon Morrow’s brilliant site, – some good tips, too. “Readers don’t want to be informed; they want to be seduced…You need to make your content so irresistible that your readers crave your next post.” But candles and romantic music are off limits, sorry…

100 + clever blog post title ideas that grab attention
This may seem a bit like blog post writing by numbers, but it’s quite useful to keep handy if you’re stuck for a title idea and really does cover a lot of alternatives. By a young lady called Pauline Cabrera from the jauntily-named…“Having a catchy title is the key to grabbing people’s attention. It’s your golden ticket to increased traffic and wider audience.”

Where should readers comment, blog or social media?
By Alice Elliott, a.k.a. the Fairy Blog Mother. A very detailed study of the whole blogversation issue including a good look at the advantages and disadvantages of #blogversations happening anywhere other than on your own blog. An increasing issue to be contended with when we’re trying harder than ever to keep all our content within the “owned” arena …

5 unusual blog features to spice up your content
Interesting piece by Julie Neidlinger on Some slightly off-the-wall but nonetheless intriguing ways to help make your content stand out from the crowd. I especially like her ideas on promoting live reader collaboration and inter-action.

The big list of 189 words that convert: write copy that gets your customers’ attention every time
By Kevan Lee on Buffer. I love pop psychology and this very long and well-researched article claims to nail the words that will get your customers clicking on whatever you have to sell. Fascinating, and probably all true!  “Can one word change the way you feel about a button? In my experience, yes.”

The best of Content Writing News 2014 - top curated articlesTips for journalists using Google Search
Brilliant article on how to make use of Google’s vast array of research tools – aimed at journalists but very helpful for any of us needing to check out information and fact-check our content. By Abigail Edge on, reporting on the advice given in a presentation by Dan Russell, über tech lead, Google
Search Quality and User Experience Research.

There’s a content lifecycle? Writing for quick wins and slow burns
Well now, here are some intriguing propositions. In this article, blogger Alex Butzbach shares his thoughts on the sort of content you really need to be focusing on these days. Interesting indeed. “Writing and publishing for content marketing is a lot like tending to a farm. Every plant has evolved to fill a different need, the same way blog posts, news stories and white papers all serve different functions on a brand’s website.”

Can blogging help you build your career? 5 questions to consider
Some very good points raised by career development expert Melissa Llarena in an article on the Huffington Post. She echoes the sentiments written by our own young guest poster here on HTWB, Lorenzo Matibag, who wrote about a similar issue. Well worth taking seriously, especially if you’re looking to move forward in your career.

How to write exciting content even if you’re in a boring industry
Well, they said it, not me. Actually this article by Kristi Hines on resonated with me and shared some good ideas … even though, personally, I don’t think any industry is boring. Well, not when you look closely at it, anyway…

What were your favorite articles in Content Writing news during 2014?

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  1. At its heart, blogging operates on one very basic principle: a well-organized, high-quality body of content with appropriate SEO can both generate and sustain organic traffic for years to come.”


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