The the impotence of proofreading your writting

Many thanks to my good friend Angela Boothroyd for sharing this hilarious video with us. Once you’ve seen it you’ll never trust your spell checker again. Ever.

As I often say, the lunacy of the English language is far too illogical for an electronic system to cope with, no matter how sophisticated its design.

Until someone manages to design a system that can apply common sense to proofreading (and I doubt even the genius Dr Stephen Hawking could do that) we’re going to have to continue checking our work ourselves.

Comical though it is, the video hammers home the point that spelling and grammar goofs as well as typos can make otherwise excellent writing look not only funny, but also lamentably unprofessional.


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  1. Me, being dyslexic, struggle with reading my own text! So I’m forever making spelling errors, missing words out and have a real problem re-reading what I wrote!

    Great video, so serial.

    • Spell checkers can help quite a bit, Lynn – and do you have a friendly neighborhood proof-reader? Often those two things combined can make writing a lot easier for dyslexics.

  2. Wonderful! I always say that the more trouble people have with spelling, the less they should rely on spell checker. And grammar-checking software? Even more horrible!

  3. It would be nice if we could edit typos in tweets after sending too!

  4. Hi Suze,

    That video is so funny! will have to send it to my mum, I will probably hear her laughing 7 miles away – she hates spell checkers, well anything technological (lol) it does make a good point too. Thanks for sharing.


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