The Write Way to Get a Job: how to apply to a job advertisement


The Write Way to Get a JobThere’s an art to responding to job ads – here is how to perfect it!

It’s increasingly hard to get a job – and a good one – these days, and although there is a lot to consider when you’re looking to get a job, effective business writing plays a major part in helping you succeed. In this series, HTWB columnist Lynn Tulip from Assessment4Potential explains the best ways to express your career information in your CV/résumé.

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Getting noticed in the world of job ads

Remember that because this is a fairly easy way of finding vacancies, there will be a significant amount of competition for each job. A national advertisement can attract hundreds of responses. Only those who make it obvious that they are good matches will survive the CV screening process. When responding to an advertisement, you must meet most of the requirements mentioned and be able to demonstrate how well you meet the specifications to stand a chance of being invited for interview.

Web and Internet advertising is the most popular form of publicising opportunities and as Internet recruitment is a fast–moving process, the speed of your response will make a difference to your success. Make sure you know when the job was posted or when the posting was updated to avoid disappointment.

General rules for answering advertisements

Respond immediately. If for some reason your response has been delayed, telephone to enquire whether applications are still being accepted.

Always send a brief one page covering letter that responds to qualifications called for in the advertisement, especially if they are not included in your CV. Format your letter so that it is easy for the CV reviewer to see where your skills and experience meet their requirements.

Be careful to follow the instructions detailed in the advertisement. For example if the advertisement requests you to state your salary, then it is chancy to omit it. If there is a gap between your salary and that of the new job, take this opportunity to explain, in your letter, why you are prepared to take a drop or feel that an increase is justified.

If appropriate, telephone before sending your application to enquire about the compensation package, location or anything else relevant. This may give you an opportunity for a discussion to which you can refer in your covering letter.

If you receive no acknowledgement of your application within ten days, telephone to enquire whether your letter and CV have been received. This may also provide some opportunity for discussion.

Let us know of your experiences in responding to job advertisements … which approaches you’ve used and how they changed your chances!

The write way to get a job

Lynn Tulip from Assessment4Potential

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