The Write Way to Get a Job: phrases to focus you


The Write Way to Get a JobNow for some kick-butt phrases to focus you on your best points…

It’s increasingly hard to get a job – and a good one – these days, and although there is a lot to consider when you’re looking to get a job, effective business writing plays a major part in helping you succeed. In this series, HTWB columnist Lynn Tulip from Assessment4Potential explains the best ways to express your career information in your CV/résumé.

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Here’s Lynn…

Phrases that will make you sit up and think the best of yourself!

Here are some words or phrases that could be useful in triggering your memory and collating information for your CV and interview preparation. They may help you identify some of your achievements and activities in your previous/current jobs. However don’t use the exact phrases in your CV / résumé.

Cost cutting – the cost cutting measures you introduced, and how they worked

Making something look better – the enhancements you made to the company’s products, services, working environment, and how those resulted

Improving appearance – what you did to make the company’s literature, website, etc., look and read better, and how that helped marketing/sales

Increasing sales/profit/turnover – easy one … think hard!

Providing extra information – how research you did on your own helped improve the company/customer experience

Providing service above your job description – how that extra effort you put it benefitted your employer

Gaining the commitment and support of others – how good you are at motivating others and how this improved performance

Turning a bad situation around – damage limitation is a valuable skill. How you’ve helped your team and/or your company out of potential trouble

Preserving competitive advantage – what you have done to make sure your company’s product or service looked and performed better than the competition

Having initiative – how using your common sense and intelligence to lead, not just follow, made a positive difference

Presenting solutions to problems – looking beyond the questions and finding realistic answers

Introducing new systems – how any new system you introduced, however small, made a positive difference

Improving team work and relations – how your people skills helped bring your team together

Working well under pressure – what you did to make sure deadlines were met, no matter what

Having new, workable ideas – what ideas of yours really made a useful difference, and why

Paying attention to details – how this helped you and the company avoid overlooking potentially expensive issues

Avoiding potential problems – how your forward planning anticipated potential problems and how to overcome them

Organising – how being well organised and encouraging others to be so, improved productivity

Using old things in a new way – how your ability to adapt older systems to new circumstances helped save money and improve performance

Meeting deadlines easily – how your careful planning and other skills ensured deadlines were not missed

Reducing inventories – how your ability to economise while still delivering first class performance helped

Developing staff performance – what your leadership and enthusiasm achieved in helping others to deliver a higher standard

Let us know of any more convincing building words and phrases that work well for you … which ones you’ve used and how they changed your chances!

The write way to get a job

Lynn Tulip from Assessment4Potential

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