The Write Way to Get a Job: using Facebook


The Write Way to Get a JobUsing Facebook is not the most obvious way to job hunt, but used correctly it can be very effective. These tips show you how to make the best of it…

It’s increasingly hard to get a job – and a good one – these days, and although there is a lot to consider when you’re looking to get a job, effective business writing plays a major part in helping you succeed. In this series, HTWB columnist Lynn Tulip from Assessment4Potential explains the best ways to express your career information in your CV/résumé.

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Here’s Lynn…

Facebook as part of your Job Search Strategy

Facebook has a major part to play when you are job hunting.

Whilst LinkedIn is still the primary professional networking site that recruiters are using to source candidates, Facebook and Google+ are catching up fast.

There is a wealth of talent on these sites and you need to be part of that talent.

Facebook currently attracts graduates and students. However, there is also a section for executives as well.  See

Remember your privacy settings. Ensure that these are set appropriately and that content on your Facebook pages is suitable for potential employers to view.

How to use Facebook as a resource

Once again it is about setting a strategy and reminding yourself  of your  goals. With Facebook it may be to look for the right employer.

  • Employers will set up their own company pages so your strategy is to research the sector, industry and company and then ‘Like’ their business pages.
  • Engage with the company and add value to their wall. Ask questions and offer positive comments.
  • Facebook is more entertaining and active than LinkedIn so if you are actively updating your status, ensure that it is suitable.
  • Companies can showcase their business with video, pictures, advertisements for jobs and testimonials for FREE. These tools allow them to show the Facebook community what a great company they are and how attractive they would be as an employer.
  • Facebook has a large audience and the members who ‘Like’ certain business pages become a target market. Be prepared to receive their e-communications.
  • Facebook ‘feeds’ and ‘Like’ buttons make integration easier. Company branding is becoming more prominent.
  • Facebook is an open network with no fees charged at any level. You can have access to all the content to help in your job search.
  • Recruiters may use LinkedIn for networking, screening and recruiting but they are using Facebook for brand activities and talent communication.

As a starting point, Facebook is a great place for employers to start looking for bright new talent. For you, the job seeker, it is a great place to position yourself within the talent pool.

The more proactive you are the more influential you become and more opportunities become available.

Let us know of your experiences in using Facebook for your job hunting … which approaches you’ve used and how they changed your chances!

The write way to get a job

Lynn Tulip from Assessment4Potential

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