The Write Way to Get a Job: using Google Plus


The Write Way to Get a JobUsing Google Plus … despite its being newer than the other main social-business networking platforms  … is a very useful part of your job hunting process. These tips show you how to make the most of it…

It’s increasingly hard to get a job – and a good one – these days, and although there is a lot to consider when you’re looking to get a job, effective business writing plays a major part in helping you succeed. In this series, HTWB columnist Lynn Tulip from Assessment4Potential explains the best ways to express your career information in your CV/résumé.

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Here’s Lynn…

Can Google Plus support your job search?

Google Plus is now very much up and running, and far from being the newbie on the net it is catching up fast with numerous ideas on how to job search.  As with Facebook, Twittter and LinkedIn, Google Plus has many characteristics that are about sharing contacts and exchanging comments.  However, because it is Google and I have already stressed the importance of having a web presence it is a good idea to understand how Google Plus can help your job search.

Google Plus has the advantage of allowing you to keep your social life separate from your professional life.

This means you control who sees what in your profile and updates.  It is therefore possible to include potential employers in your circles so you are visible to them.

The other difference with Google Plus is that you can facilitate a conversation with strangers in an acceptable way.  If you mark your post ‘public’ then other users on Google Plus can contribute without feeling intimidated.  Indeed public comments may well be welcome.

Here are some top tips for using Google Plus

Be clear about your goal in using Google Plus.  Is it social or professional?  Your aim might be to be in a circle that is not just ‘contacts’ but perhaps ‘friend’.

Ensure that for professional purposes your profile is not only complete and up-to-date but also focused on professional talk.

Identify the sector, industries and companies who you will want to target and research the leaders. Add a comment to their post without including them in a circle.

Add value to the conversation/s when you follow a comment. Once there is a quality post, add your comments, +1 the post and circle the person to increase your visibility and chances of being noticed.

Build the relationship, watch for job opportunities and private message the individual when you feel the relationship has developed with genuine dialogue.

Once you have shared circles with your new friend, you should be in a  position to share with them and their circles that you are looking for a new role and ask if they know of any opportunities.

Remember that recruiters are also using Google Plus and building their own circles. For them it is the ease of sourcing high calibre candidates.  Hence there is plenty of opportunity to use Google Plus as part of your job search.

Let us know of your experiences in using LinkedIn for your job hunting … which approaches you’ve used and how they changed your chances!

The write way to get a job

Lynn Tulip from Assessment4Potential

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