The Write Way to Get a Job: using Twitter


The Write Way to Get a JobUsing Twitter … despite its being restricted to 140 characters or less … is a very useful part of your job hunting process. These tips show you how to make the most of it…

It’s increasingly hard to get a job – and a good one – these days, and although there is a lot to consider when you’re looking to get a job, effective business writing plays a major part in helping you succeed. In this series, HTWB columnist Lynn Tulip from Assessment4Potential explains the best ways to express your career information in your CV/résumé.

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Here’s Lynn…

How Twitter can support your job search

Not everyone embraces Twitter. However if you are  Internet savvy and able to spend time online then it is worthwhile creating an active account to support your job hunting and secure the job of your dreams.

(NB: As you probably know the # (hashtag) symbol is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet.)

Advice and guidance are as follows:

Create a professional Twitter background page, with a sensible avatar (user alter ego/character) and personal summary.

Your personal summary should include KEYWORDS that are relevant to your job search and your situation.

Include a link to an online webpage where your CV can be viewed

Use your twitter feed to comment and contribute as an expert, share your job search and ask questions.

Build relationships with people you know, your network and recruiters. Use them wisely and offer support and ideas.

Follow #Tweetmyjobs  and  look on their website They offer a free service for job hunters.

Use   or to search for HR professionals and recruiters> Use keywords such as executive search, sourcing,  talent management etc to search within your industry and location.  You can then search the different profiles and follow interesting people.

Sign up for RRS feeds from Jobsites  and

Get listed in . You can expand your choices and network so you are linking with others who have shared interests.

Do not ignore the benefits of searching using the hashtag (#) and abbreviations like NAJ or HAJ; also words like job, hiring, employment.

Tweet out positive messages. “Looking for an opportunity…” reads better than “Wondering whether to have another glass of … ”

Be honest, open and act with integrity at all times. Employers do not want surprises.

Follow @Microjobs – a profile set up to link recruiters and job seekers.  Depending on your sector and location you might find it a useful connection.  They do not follow you back.

There will be a number of Twitter accounts that are dedicated to job listings in different sectors, locations, and more. If you specify your own criteria you can get alerts to your phone or e-mail and be amongst the first to receive notifications.

I cannot repeat enough that job hunting is seriously hard work, and very time-consuming. Investing time and strategy in social media needs a foolproof plan. Used in combination with networking and building strong connections it could prove to be the most successful addition to your job search strategy and genuinely help you find eligible job opportunities, interviews and securing you your new job.

Let us know of your experiences in using Twitter and other social media for your job hunting … which approaches you’ve used and how they changed your chances!

The write way to get a job

Lynn Tulip from Assessment4Potential

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