The young job-seeker’s guide to the blogosphere, part 1

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Marco in action as
a champion young golfer

A while ago you would have read Lorenzo Matibag‘s brilliant article about the need for job seekers – whether recent graduates or older job seekers – to blog. The next point as Lorenzo said is for them to set up a blog; there are various free incarnations such as WordPress and Blogger, and for a small outlay you can have your blog hosted externally and set up by an expert like our very own Blogmistress, Babs Saul.

OK. Your blog’s set up and ready to go. What should your broad aims be?

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With a new blog for an existing or startup business, I’ve outlined some ideas in this article which can apply to the young job seeker, but there are some key differences – most of which are connected with the fact that the latter aren’t likely to have much if any work experience to write about.

Let’s chart a journey together: Marco the golfer

Rather than spout a load of theory as I, er, usually do (sorry) I thought it would be useful to track the progress of a friend of my son’s who is starting out in his career, and who I’m helping to develop a new blog.

Marco is 21 and was one of Europe’s most talented child/teenage golfers, having represented his home country of Portugal in youth tournaments all over Europe and the USA. After a break to go to university he now plans to get a job as an assistant pro at a good golf club here in the UK.

Especially after he read Lorenzo’s article he reckoned that to start a blog would be a good idea to get himself noticed in the UK golf world and also to make sure that he stands out from the crowd as the star young golfer that he is, and has worked very hard to become.

Starting point 1: free blog setup or paid-for and hosted?

We went for a basic paid-for WordPress blogsite, hosted of course by the intrepid Babs. Makes sense because Babs has been able to get it all ready so we can just jump straight in and start loading content, rather than fiddle around learning the process before we can get it out and on the road.

It also means that if something should go wrong – or we manage to break something! – Babs will be able to sort out whatever has happened quickly, so ensuring the blog is up and running pretty well 24/7.

Starting point 2: what is Marco’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Hard-nosed as it sounds, getting a job is all about selling yourself – your “personal brand” – and the faster you, as a young person, get your head around that concept the faster, frankly, you’re likely to get a job.

For many young people it’s a bit challenging to find a USP as a result purely of their studies and vacation jobs, but in Marco’s case it was easy: he was a star young golfer. And there are lots of young golfers all over the world who would benefit from his experience and advice – as well as a lot of other relevant stuff – in a blogsite aimed squarely at them, their parents/guardians, their golf pros/coaches, and so-on.

Benefit to Marco here? A focus that potential employers will grasp, hopefully, both in terms of the fact that it highlights Marco’s earlier successes which were phenomenal, and also that it highlights young golfers whom most golf clubs are keen to attract … on the basis that if you get them young you can keep them as members for life.

Starting point 3: a brand and a domain

You’d think this domain name would have been snapped up years ago, but it hadn’t been.

It’s a name and a brand that is not in the slightest bit fancy, but states exactly what it is and does, which is absolutely the right way forward in our current climate of “never mind the hype – what do you actually do?”

So consider this the first “journal entry” for Marco’s story. It’s only a start, but one which we hope will lead to very good things. What do you think?

Here’s the very beginning…

Please share your advice and tips for Marco!

I will be sharing our progress with Marco’s site from time to time here on HTWB but if you have any tips for him – whether about golf jobs in the UK or about his new blog – please share them with us here. Your advice would be very welcome!





  1. Suzan,

    3 super tips! just interviewed me, so I can honestly say that if I am using these ideas, and you advise this, Marco is on his way to landing a perfect job for his skill set.

    Brand. You. Whether you are a business owner or job seeker, use a self-hosted WP blog, offer your USP and persist to live your dream.


  2. Some lovely thoughts, Ryan – thank you! I know Marco will be thrilled to see your comment, too.