Thinking of buying a book on how to write a book?

Here’s what the beta readers said about mine…

If you’re thinking about buying a book to guide you through the journey of devising, planning, writing and publishing a nonfiction book, I would recommend my new one.

Don’t just take my word for it…

“Love the narrative style, so live and speaks to me (I’ve often chosen to not read a book for the very reason of the narrative style not suiting me)… I very quickly get the impression you can actually help me get started. And I don’t have to gloss over terminology I don’t understand, as you’re explaining it. I feel I’m being guided to write ‘like me’ not what I think others want.”
V.L., counsellor and charity managerhow to write a brilliant nonfiction book“As someone with no experience of book authorship, I couldn’t have hoped for a more informative guide to the perils and pitfalls of writing and publishing – essential reading.
If you’re looking for someone to hold your hand through the process of writing a non-fiction book from start to finish, answer all your questions, and even ask you some searching ones, then look no further than this.
The organisation is brilliant – thinking about the marketing up front is something I would never have considered, and I think it will be enormously helpful to readers.
An invaluable handbook, if you’re writing your first nonfiction book, or your 20th – I guarantee there is something in it that you haven’t considered before.
Read it cover to cover or select the chapters you need to mug up on – Suzan’s book will help you with every stage of writing your book, and whatever your experience level.”
R.C., copywriter and web designer

“In the world of coaching, there is some expectation that you’ll turn scribe and share your wisdom with the world. Storytelling is one of the great tools of coaching and so writing a book has some appeal. But where the heck to start? The business of writing and publishing a book is complex and daunting, or at least it was, until I read this book. Suze has a wonderful witty style that kept my interest and yet taught so much about the world of publishing. If you have one of the many abandoned books collecting dust for a lack of knowing what to do with it, I’d highly recommend you: A) get in touch with Suzan, she’ll get you back on track and B) buy this book and let it convince you to share your wisdom with the world.”
S.S.-C., life and business coach

“Keeping it real, keeping it practical, keeping it fun to read: the trifecta of a “how to” book.
Suzan does it all, from understanding that writers have real lives, unique personalities, quirks, and baggage to explaining publishing options, contracts, royalties, and taxes. Plus, through her own anecdotes and examples, she encourages humour, conversational language and spontaneity. By respecting her reader/writer, she nurtures and embraces their quest for publication. Good job, Girl!”
B.G., author, MN USA

“I like the tone of the book and can hear you reading it which is good for me, because I know you, and its chatty enough for those that don’t, to enjoy it. There is a lot of content, and never having written a book, it is starting at grass roots – which is a good place to be. The amount of work to be done prior to fingertips on keyboard will focus the determined writer.”
D.B., graphic designer

“It’s like having an expert at your desk, helping you along the way. Suzan has provided budding authors with a step-by-step guide to writing and publishing the nonfiction book idea that has been nagging in the brain for so long; now it might actually become a reality.”
S.K.R., copywriter, editor, proof-reader

“I’m an aspiring writer of fiction and non-fiction. I’ve seen lots of adverts trying to lure me into self-publishing, but they have made me nervous, as they seemed to be scams. I downloaded a book about creating your own e-book, but I found it confusing and off-putting, and it made me feel I couldn’t self-publish, that it would be far too hard. Suzan writes in a crystal-clear way about publishing, vanity publishing, assisted self-publishing, and simple self-publishing with all the pros and cons, and traps for the unwary. I love the way she explains what you include in the pages at the front and back of a book, even how to get an ISBN number. This isn’t the ‘Janet and John’ book about how to publish; it does include very simple instructions, but it also has a vein of reality, even cynicism, arising from many years of experience. As a reader I feel that I’d like Suzan to be my friend, my best friend.”
J.H., business banking manager, author

“It takes a knowledgeable person to make something look easy. Suzan is full of knowledge and common sense so this book is a must have from the moment you consider writing a book until you think about your second one. It will help you make good decisions, keep you safe from bear traps and make you a business author!”
E.T., business mentor

“I almost read it all in one day and have just finished the last part on publishing and marketing. Wow – it contains absolutely everything one could possibly need to know to conceive, write and publish a book. You have been so generous and painstaking with the information you have shared – thank you!”
M.L., immunologist

how to write a brilliant nonfiction book

L to R: LaWoof, Pippin and Mousey, bored to tears in Suzan’s office.

“We hate this book because our walks got cut short when she was working on it.”
W., P., & M., Suzan’s dogs.

‘How To Write A Brilliant Nonfiction Book’
by Suzan St Maur
Published by Better Books Media
On all Amazons (UK here)
Print GBP £9.49 / USD $12.99  / CDN $16.99
Kindle GBP £5.49 /USD $7.09 / CDN $9.38