Thunder-struck writing with a twitchy dog

Writing – or any other activity that demands peace, quiet and concentration – can be badly disrupted by the thunderstorms we’re experiencing in the UK right now. But no disruption is quite as noticeable as a large dog trying to get up and sit on your head while you’re working because she’s terrified of thunderstorms.

There is a solution though, and here it emerges in verse!

Thunder-struck writing with a twitchy dog

Does thunder make your heart go boom?
And make your writing shaky?
Do you jump and shriek
At the slightest streak
Of lightning’s wakey-wakey?

poem about dog scared of thunderstorms

Try to tell a frightened canine thunder’s loud but means no harm…

Or do you carry on so brave
Ignore the wavering broad band
Not save your work
Feel like a jerk
When your ‘puter enters crash land?

Your fears of a storm so silly
Are nought beside your dog’s suspense
You’re pawed to death
Spat by hot breath
Her terror’s far from common sense.

But try to tell a frightened canine
Thunder’s loud but means no harm
When 65 pounds of
Doggie mum-love
Hops on your lap, nearly breaks your arm.

There is some hope here I can say
Herbal calming doggie spray!
Wipe on their heads
Make sure it spreads
Around their faces – then just pray.

And guess what: she settles nicely
After just some minutes come
It’s peace at last
Relatively fast
D’you know what ? I want some…

© Suzan St Maur 2020

(NB: This is a true story and the product I refer to is from , called ‘Natural De-Stress and Calming Spray.’ Worth its weight in gold when you have twitchy pets.)