To blog or not to blog: that’s the silly question

If I had a dollar, pound or euro for every time someone says either “blogging’s dead” or “blogging’s back” I could buy myself that drooly-gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbag I’ve been lusting after for years. Plus a new car.

Blogging is still alive

The popularity of text-based blogging continues to yo-yo. How do you feel about it?

This whole blogging issue has been in yo-yo mode for more years than I can remember. Each time I look at my beloved book, How To Write Brilliant Business Blogs, (more bragging about that below) I think, hmmm. Should I update it? It was published in 2014. But has much changed? No. It’s still “in-date,” like my delicious quince jelly that I made five years ago and is still perfect.

Some popular myths about blogging

The following is going to p*ss off lovers of the latest techie stuff since sliced pixels, but here are some home truths about blogging that I trip over every day. No, I am not a boozed-up old Philistine who thinks we should all revert to mechanically typed memos. Like George Washington I cannot tell a lie and to say that text-based blogs are passé would give me a nose like Pinocchio’s.

1. People prefer to watch blogs spoken on video. Some do. Some find the speed of spoken speech far too slow and prefer to read or speed read the text. Most people speak to camera at around 125 – 160 words per minute. That means an average 800 word blog post will take about five minutes to perform. I can read 800 words in about one minute. OK, I read and write for a living but for verbal learners like me that means I’m hanging around for up to four minutes. Visual learners like vlogs, but you need to cater for as many people as possible.

2. Video is searchable so you don’t need to accompany it with attached text. Bullsh*t. Why do you think so many videos you watch on social media have captions? Some videos are searchable, especially considering that YouTube belongs to Google. But when you look at a number of blogsites where the video element is backed up by a full transcript (e.g. here), how confident are those bloggers that Google will find them?

3. People want to hear you speak your blogs. So how come most people on social media have their sound turned down or off? See #2 – another reason why the savvy ones use captions.

4. It’s better to blog via podcasts. No, it’s not. Podcasts are different animals and are, or should be, like radio programmes people can listen to while at the gym or driving. Certainly not in the few minutes a blog post should take to read or otherwise absorb.

5. Customers and clients don’t want to read your blogs. Yes, they will, and they will react appropriately. But you need to make sure your blogging topics and text are strongly targeted. Read my blogging articles on here for free or do yourself a favour and buy the damned book (print or Kindle, on all Amazons) … it’s all in there.

6. Nobody knows where to read my blogs. Then you’re not using your promotions, particularly in social media, properly. Once again, buy the damned book or read the articles, especially this one.

7. I don’t know what to blog about. Read the damned book! Or if you’re in southern England or Ontario, Canada, let me know if you’d like to join one of my workshops.

Why am I so confident that I know how to write good blogs?

Let me hand you over now to some folks who have been kind enough to leave reviews about “the damned book” on Amazon …

how to write brilliant business blogs

“the damned book…”

First of all, the intrepid Steven Church from Northampton, England, who is a superb copywriter and until I quit copywriting late in 2017 was one of my rivals. Here is what he has to say about How To Write Brilliant Business Blogs … and is now going on to share blogging expertise with his own clients and contacts…

19 January 2019

Format: Paperback

And from the USA, this lovely review by Joanie Chevalier of The Reader/Author Connection Magazine


11 April 2018

I loved this informational book about blogging. There were so many useful tools here: links, guidelines, what to blog, etc. No matter what your field of expertise is, Suzan has an idea for you. The author tells you how to use a headline, incorporate humor, and she even has a grammar section. You’ll learn how to incorporate FAQs to further your marketing purpose and how to effectively write a series. I got so many great ideas about my blog that I have been back to this helpful book again and again. I will definitely keep this book handy as one of my desk references. Highly recommended to bloggers!

OK, OK, you don’t have to buy “the damned book!”

Here’s a confession: a lot of what’s in “the damned book” is also here in the blogging section of HTWB. So if you don’t want to spend, I’ll understand. Maybe…LOL…

In the meantime, what are your views about blogging today?
Do you feel it’s on the way out, or on the way back in, or somewhere in between?

Please share your views!