To honour a dead rock star: do you agree?

Over the last few days we’ve been inundated with news and views about the loss of David Bowie, and not long before that, the passing of Lemmy from Motorhead. Here is a short tribute to them both, with a bit of a wakeup call…

To honour a dead rock star: do you agree?

Behind all that, the human being.

Dead rock star

Oh, golly gosh, hit by a cosh
To find out that a rock star
Has kicked the bucket far too young
And left us feeling gaa-gaa.

He was a genius, that’s for sure
Legend in his own lunchtime
A talent full of promise still
Before he snuffed his punchtime.

We weep, we moan, we ululate
Light candles in his honour
Do everything to appreciate
Him now that he’s a goner.

His music won’t just last a while
In death, his hits will escalate
To number one once more so won
Posthumously now, and heavyweight.

You really can’t stop wondering though
Before these feelings then arrived
Would we still mean to be so keen
If fate had helped and he’d survived?

Like many older stars before him
He had chosen a profile low
Few people in the gutter press
Had even asked why he’d let go.

Not just the talent, not the star
Not just the face that we were seeing
The stage, the lights, the fancy car
Behind all that, the human being.

The public icon was aglow
But what about the other
Side of the man we didn’t know
Husband, daddy, son, or brother?

Too late to see him as a friend
Too late to dwell on negatives
Instead let’s mourn the man and send
Condolences to his relatives.

©Suzan St Maur 2016

How do you feel about the outpourings of grief for the icons, rather than the human beings behind them?

Please share your thoughts.