Top 10 books to help you write better

how to write better,,writing help, help with writing,EnglishWe’ve gathered together our best books and ebooks on how to write better and related topics by your favorite columnists and guest posters here on HTWB, in this updated bookshop … browse and enjoy! It’s a good selection and consists of all the very best of our respective experience and skills, neatly packed in book form for you to benefit from. All print books are available in Kindle and/or other digital formats, too.

Take your pick from some great how-to and self-help books you’ll love to keep handy:

English to English: the A to Z of British-American translations

English language,American English,British English,Canada,Australia,New Zealand, This handy, amusing and entertaining A to Z brings you bang up to date on over 2,000 commonly used English words that can cause confusion, chaos, red faces and even cost you money if you use them in the wrong way, in the wrong country. Great gift for business and leisure travellers… More information? Click here. Grab your copy now: UK click hereUSA click hereCanada click here.

Business Writing Made Easy

business,writing,business letters,email marketing,blogging,PR,press releasesDo you sometimes find writing for business a bit of struggle? Do you wish you could write good, concise emails and effective articles and blog posts quickly, without having to worry about it? Do you wish you could impress your colleagues and customers with your business writing skills? My 200-page book will make that happen for you … For more information, click here.
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How To Write Winning Non-fiction

Writing,books,publishing,nonfiction,how to get published,how to write a bookAmazon “writing” category #1 best seller! Getting published is now easier than ever but the fundamental things that distinguish winning non-fiction from the pulp have never been more important. If you’re serious about writing a high-quality non-fiction book, getting it published and making it commercially successful then this book treats you to a masterclass that covers all you need to know about creating, crafting, writing and pitching your best-seller.
Get the eBook version right now as an instant download- for just $11.95 Add to Cartor buy in print or Kindle from any of the Amazons.

How To Write Fiction Without The Fuss

by Lucy McCarraher

fiction,novels,write a book,publishingLucy McCarraher’s brilliant series here on HowToWriteBetter was such a huge hit, she added a load more precious information and turned it into this great book. “How To Write Fiction Without The Fuss” takes you through all aspects of the craft of fiction writing and gives you a clear understanding of the fundamentals, along with tools and tips to enhance your writing skills.

This easy-to-read handbook for creative writers will teach you how to:

  • Structure a classic plotline to keep your readers gripped
  • Create believable characters with original voices
  • Use settings and themes to give your story depth
  • Understand your genre and integrate your research
  • Write like a professional and lose the amateurish gaffes
  • Edit and format your manuscript to attract agents and publishers

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How to be a savvy restaurant reviewer

by Sam Worthington

reviews,restaurants,TripAdvisor,Sam WorthingtonOne of the most popular articles ever here on HowToWriteBetter was “How To Write A Restaurant Review” by gastronome, bon viveur, chef and restaurateur Sam Worthington. With a little pushing from me he was then inspired to develop that into a full length book which is a joy to read, and truly valuable for anyone who enjoys eating out.

Here’s how Sam describes it…“10,000 words on reviewing restaurants suitable for those who are just interested; those who want to be a star on Trip advisor; those who want to blog about restaurants and food; those who aspire to a pickled liver and red nose (from eating and drinking in restaurants as a reviewer) and those just starting out in the restaurant business: or even as a reminder to the old lags, who like me, often forget more than they should when confronted with the day to day realities of serving a fickle public!”

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Get That Job

by Lynn Tulip

job search,job hunting,recruitment,CV,resume,job applicationLynn wrote a wonderful series for us here on HowToWriteBetter called “The Write Way To Get A Job,” based on this very successful and popular book of hers. If you’re looking for a new job, this is the guide you need. It’s a practical manual that takes you from self-exploration to setting your career strategy whilst supporting you every step of the job-hunting way… with help to
*Achieve greater confidence, recognize and showcase your skills
*Identify your interests, skills, values and more
*Produce a powerful CV that reveals your true value and skills and gets you to the top of every potential employer’s list
*Network, use social media and traditional job hunting
*Explore the job market, learn how to job search efficiently
*Develop confidence, prepare to perform and understand how being a STAR brings you success at interview

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Now, how about some great-value eBooks to help you write more fluently and easily … get better results from your blogging, articles, emails, social media plus much more? Scroll on!

How To Write About Yourself

Writing,you,yourself,CV,resume,biography,personal statement,job applicationsDo you shiver at the thought of writing a short biography about yourself? Feel frightened to start writing a new CV? Get the heebies if you have to write a personal statement? From a 2-line bio to a full length autobiography … this book shows you how to make the most of yourself, truthfully and thoroughly, without exaggeration. Here I share 20,000 words’ worth of my own experience and skills at writing about myself – as well as about others on their behalf – and help you remove the fear, remove unnecessary modesty or shyness, and just do an honest, powerful job. More information? Click here.
Now for just $4.50 (£3.00) !!! Add to Cart

Banana Skin Words and how not to slip on them

English,grammar,spelling,punctuation,syntax,writing,how to write,good EnglishDo you ever put an apostrophe where it shouldn’t be? Write “there” instead of “their?” Forget the difference between “affect” and “effect?” ….or any of the other hundreds of nasty little banana skins that make writing in English so maddening? Don’t we all! That’s why I’ve put together the right answers to more than 1,500 commonly mis-spelled and other wrongly used English words and phrases in one handy, 73-page eBook. Just $4.50 …
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Speeches,presentations,talks,lectures,wedding speeches,socialSuper Speeches: how to write and deliver them well

If you ever need to give a presentation for business … a speech at a social occasion … an audio recording or podcast … a video production for your website … or several more speaking needs … here’s some expert advice – plus loads of tips that will make your speech spectacular! Currently just USD $4.50 (GBP £3.00 approx.) Add to Cart

The MAMBA Way to make your words sell

Writing,selling,words that sell,marketing,advertising,promotion,copywritingSuccess is mostly about the way you think, not the way you write! Many people think that a marketing message will work provided that it’s well written. That’s true in a way, but only because if it’s badly written, it won’t work at all. However what’s more to the point is that if the thinking process behind the marketing message is wrong, then the message will also be wrong, no matter how beautifully it’s created and written. This book will help anyone faced with the challenge of using the written or spoken word persuasively to align their final objectives with a message that works first time, every time. 95 pages. Instant download: just USD $4.50 (GBP £3.00 approx) Add to Cart

How to smile through cancer: a cancer survivor’s journal of life and laughter

cancer,cancer survivorship,cancer journey,chemotherapy,radiotherapy,radiation,humor,laughs,smilesI’m convinced that, aside from the chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and more, it was laughter and humor that kept me going through my own cancer journeys. Even doctors don’t deny that laughter is good medicine and there is even scientific evidence to support that.
That’s why I have put this 175-page book together: to share that laughter and humor with you and anyone affected by cancer.
The book costs USD $8.49 which is about GBP £5.55 or € EUR 6.45 Add to Cart
And I give 20% from each sale to two of the world’s leading cancer charities. Share it with me now… Add to Cart

Thanks for buying some of our books – and if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me on I would love to hear from you. Keep checking back to the Bookshop as we’re producing new titles on a regular basis.

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