Top-of-the-flops: 10 Chanukah songs that didn’t make the charts

To commemorate the end of Chanukah … hope you had a happy and peaceful time, and hope you enjoy these, er, potentially popular song titles…


Top-of-the-flops: 10 Chanukah songs that didn't make the charts

Oy to the World


Schlepping through a Winter Wonderland


Hava Negilah – The Megamix


Bubby Got Run Over by a Reindeer


Enough with those God Damn Jingle Bells Already…Jeez!


Matzo Man (by the Lower East Side Village People)


I Have a Little Dreidel (the Barking Dog Version)


Come on Baby, Light My Menorah


Deck the Halls with Balls of Matzoh


Silent Night?  I Should Be So Lucky


photo credit: scazon via photopin cc