What to write to business prospects so you stay in their thoughts

How do you keep your name uppermost in your business prospects’ minds when they’re contemplating hiring you (or a competitor) … without appearing to nag or pester them?
how to retain prospects' interest in youThis was an issue raised by Anna, a business coach I know who is ace at what she does but, as always, has to compete with others for lucrative contracts.

Solution: use curation, shared by email

As you know from other articles here on HTWB, curation is a very valuable method of information sharing whereby you research, analyse and then share articles and other other information on a topic, prefaced by your own views and comments about why you think it’s good.

If you’re keen to get a prospect’s business, writing several emails to them about your own services is likely to turn their feelings towards you in a negative way, as Anna pointed out and certainly doesn’t want to fall victim to.

That’s why I recommended that she researches and curates information her prospects will find valuable.

Curating and sharing valuable, relevant information this way establishes three important points:

1. The prospect will see that already, you understand their business

2. The prospect will see that you are capable of sharing good advice even if it’s written by others

3. The prospect will see that you care enough to help them even without having secured their contract

How should these emails be approached?

how to make business prospects keep you in mind when choosing conrtractors

How to use curation to keep your name fresh in your customers’ minds

In a word, casually.

And in four further words, with no strings attached.

For Anna to share a curated recommendation with a link in an email which then goes on repeat her own credentials will blow the whole thing out of the water.

The recommendation needs to be phrased as you might phrase it once you are their appointed business coach.

In other words no sell (you’ve “got” the contract) apart maybe from a bit of sell in your signature file that would be there in any case.

I’m no psychologist, but implanting the idea that you’re (almost) already their business (or whatever) coach is a very useful way to take your prospect through from a maybe, to a definite.

How to write the curation emails

A lot will depend on the nature of your prospect’s business, how they speak, and how they relate to you and the outside world. Take note of all these points and tailor your emails accordingly.

Start with a subject line … That gets them interested if you use something like “Have you seen this article that changes our thinking about XXX?” or “Did you know XXX are about to overtake YYY?”

Use the body of the email to make your point – and that’s it … Just say in a couple of sentences why you think the link you’re sharing is important to your prospect, and what they will gain from clicking through and reading it

Don’t be tempted to remind them of how brilliant you are … Sign off pleasantly and leave your sig file to remind them of who you are what you do.

How to get those relevant articles to curate

There are various sources, but what I find most useful is Google Alerts. It’s free, and it works.

You may also find it helpful to trawl around websites related to your prospects’ businesses, but if you’re busy anyway, trust Google Alerts to be your friend who does all that tedious sorting for you.

What do you write to keep business prospects on the back burner when they’re contemplating awarding their contracts?

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