Want some help to write your next book? Here’s a useful update

Do you have a great idea for a book, but don’t know how to go about writing and producing it?
Does writing a book seem a lovely idea, but as such a large project is a bit scary – especially if it’s your first one?

Get your book written and published - without the scams

That wonderful feeling when your new book is actually published and out there…me with my latest. (And over-bleached hair – apologies.) Photo by Kate Everall https://www.kateeverallphotography.com/

The help you need to write your book and get it out there

The bad news, is that writing a book today just adds to the millions of books out there all fighting for attention on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, other online outlets, plus the few large bricks-and-mortar outlets that still manage to keep their heads above water.

The good news, is that there are now several more ways to publish a book and none of them carry the old-fashioned stigma of “vanity publishing.”

Fine and dandy for nonfiction. What about fiction?

At long last, getting fiction published has climbed up over the barbed-wire barriers of snotty-nosed literary agents who only had their percentages and reputations with major publishers at heart. Very few literary agents are willing to take a flying chance on a book that doesn’t fit into the mainstream because, well, they have mortgages and bills to pay. They seldom are risk-takers.

Yet often it’s the risky fiction books that get somewhere. One of life’s little ironies.

Anyway now you can publish fiction yourself and with the right promotion techniques (not expensive) a self-published novel can sell well within its genre, and if so may well be picked up by a major traditional publisher to take forward. Remember, “50 Shades Of Grey” originally was self- published. And look where that led its author.

What are the catches?

Basically there are two main ways to get your book published:

1. By yourself, either totally by yourself (you need to learn how to use Amazon!) or with help from an “independent” publishing services company. You will need to pay for setting the book up and for whatever other services you commission. You will have total control over timing, design of cover and interior, and everything else. You get to keep a large chunk of the royalties (net sales) even after Amazon has taken its bite. You will be solely responsible for the distribution and marketing of your book. Depending on your print arrangements you will be able to buy copies of your book to distribute/sell yourself at print cost which can be as much as 75 percent off retail (cover) price.

2. By a conventional “trade” publisher, to whom you have to submit the idea for your book which they will either accept or turn down. If they accept your book you will not have to pay for anything, but you will not have much control over timing, design, even editing; they decide they key points of all that. They will distribute your books to a variety of both online (including Amazon) and bricks-and-mortar book stores including the main chains. Your royalties will probably be 7.5 – 10 percent of sales. You will be able to buy copies of your book to distribute/sell yourself at “author’s discount” which is likely to be around 30 percent off retail (cover) price.

Within the independent publishing services industry there are many scammers who take you for plenty of money and deliver a shoddy product: little or no editing, no proper design, poor quality everything. Not much better than the old-fashioned “vanity” publishers.

Many of the smaller independent trade publishers also do a reasonable job of producing and distributing your book, but don’t have the resources to do anything other than the basics. Large publishing houses do have the resources but tend only to put big marketing budgets behind books they know will sell on the strength, usually, of your name (so you need to be famous.)

So which one to choose?

There are many determining factors here, not least of which is the fact that currently (in the UK 2019) a self-published book is unlikely to be stocked by Waterstones or anything other than small independent bookstores. A self-published book will mainly be available online, but considering how book sales are going more and more online anyway that’s not a bad thing.

Basically if you have the opportunity to sell and/or distribute your book yourself – maybe as a marketing tool for your business, or as merchandise for your performances if you’re in the entertainment industry, self-publishing is the better choice.

If you don’t have such opportunities to sell your book, going with a trade publisher who can get it into the big stores like Waterstones and the rapidly decreasing number of independent book stores may be a better option.

Either way, the hard truth is it will be you who does most of the marketing of your book.

OK. Why do your book with Suze’s guidance?

With Suze working with you as a totally independent author coach, editor and advisor, this is what you gain:

…A finished proposal for your book to submit to appropriate publishing houses, with any further help you need with contract negotiation, etc. should your proposal be accepted
…An independently published printed book, eBook and/or audio book available on Amazon, at a lower cost than if you work with a publishing services company.

This she does by putting together a bespoke group of specialists – including her as senior editor, strategist, marketer and project manager – to deliver whichever book publishing option is right for you, delivered by a virtual team of excellent professionals streamlined and managed centrally.

Punchline: very high quality help, at lower prices in the case of self-publishing because no-one is charging you for their company car or interest on their bank loan.
You just pay for what you need. Simples.

So why is Suze qualified to offer these services? She takes the story on…

As many of you know I’m a prolific author with 36 (and counting) published books out there, some of which have been organic** #1 best sellers on Amazon.
**FYI, that means those books got to their #1 slots on their own merits – not via the hype scams so many disreputable publishers use today.

Most of my earlier titles have been business/self-help (plus several joke books!) but I’m now launching into fiction, and humorous poetry with my first volume, “Mischieverse,” out now. I’m also nudging into writing short horror stories and hope soon to have published my first novel, an adult humorous fiction title. Many of my books have been published by well-known large “trade” publishers, with a good few done by smaller “trade” publishers and more recently a few I’ve done myself through my own brands.

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Having worked across many types of book writing and publishing I’m able to offer experienced advice on options to new and comparatively new authors.

What’s more, given my background of around 30 years as a marketing copywriter and content strategist, the help I offer new authors includes a high level of marketing expertise – such a critical part of a book’s success today.

Whether you want help to submit proposals for your book to a “trade publisher” (and I can help you find the right one) … or you want help to self-publish (I have a a great virtual team of specialists to take your book from finished manuscript to a superb specimen on the online retail channels) … I’ve been there, done it, got the T-shirt and know exactly how to do it for you. And for sensible money.

You know where to find me!
(No? suze@suzanstmaur.com)