Watch this and see why the words you write are SO powerful

medium_4289385819 (2)This weekend is Easter for many Christians, and a part of Passover for people of the Jewish faith.

Whether you are religious or not, these Spring festivals are good times to think about new ideas and new ways of looking at life. And as ever, for whatever we want to express and communicate, we need to use words to do it – how else can we share those new thoughts and concepts?

Rightly used, words are our friends; wrongly used, they are our enemies.

Words are very powerful. They can help a business to become a huge success, or cause it to fail, dramatically, in a matter of hours – as Gerald Ratner found out when he made an unfortunate speech about the quality of his jewelry products back in the 1990s in the UK, and within a day or two his GBP £5 million empire had collapsed.

Words can start and stop wars.

Words can destroy happiness, or create it out of nothing.

The immense power of words is a loaded gun that we must use with care, skill, and knowledge. If you work with words and help clients and friends use words more effectively, as I do, you have a huge responsibility.

And I was glad to see that a competitor of mine in Glasgow, Scotland, seems to agree. Below is a video her company made last year. Although it’s intended to be promotional, it captures the essence of word power superbly, and shows how writing the right words can transform lives.


I don’t often promote my competitors, but because I admire this video so much I’m delighted to recommend its creators – PurpleFeather. To come up with something as stirring and effective as this video, they must be good.

Powerful words for you to use: (instant downloads)

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photo credit: Robbert van der Steeg via photopin cc