Websites must be mobile friendly by April 21st. Here’s a quick way to find out if yours is…

For some time now, everyone has been talking about the need to make websites and blogs mobile friendly (including the words we write).

Websites must be mobile friendly by April 21st. Here's a quick way to find out if yours is...

Seems HTWB is mobile friendly already. Phew.

Now it seems that Google has set the date for the axe to fall when your site MUST be mobile friendly, like it or not – April 21st, 2015.

Most digi-gurus will know this already, but I thought it might be helpful to share this with people like me who aren’t necessarily in the know about all things internet…

I discovered this while chatting with other group members in Facebook’s The Women in Biz run by Bonnie Frank, and am eternally grateful to Bonnie for bringing my attention to it. There are more details about the whole thing in this article by Chuck Price on the website Search Engine Watch.

In it Price covers just about everything you could possibly want to know to ensure that your site passes muster.

Unless you’re a geek of course, in which case there probably isn’t enough! But for a technodork like me this is plenty.

Really handy tool to check if your site or blog is mobile friendly already

In Chuck Price’s article he shares a superbly quick and easy way to check out the mobile-friendliness of any web page which Google has thoughtfully devised for us peasants. Simply go to their Mobile-Friendly test here, type in the URL of a web page of yours – or anyone’s. It takes about 45 seconds to crunch the information, and voilà.

You’ll be thrilled to know (well, I was anyway) that the test page I put in – yesterday’s Mothers’ Day post – got a gold star, i.e.

Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.

And they even showed me a pretty picture of the page (see above.)

Hope you found this helpful – I certainly did.

PS: “Of course  HTWB is mobile friendly…”

The Blogmistress a.k.a Babs Saul, who runs this site for me, slapped me on the wrist after I mentioned this to her and said “of course HTWB is mobile friendly. I use Genesis themes, because they have been mobile friendly for some time. So there is no need to worry.”

What would I do without Babs? I can thoroughly recommend her WordPress wisdom. Check her out here.

What other recommendations do you have for the upcoming “Mobilegeddon,” as Chuck Price calls it? Please share!




  1. Whilst those using operations such as WordPress or Blogspot will be mobile friendly, so I personally don’t need to be concerned, I would just make the observation that in this mobile mad world this is continued encouragement to spew more electromagnetic radiation into the ether contributing to the demise of bees, birds and ultimately humans. There is no doubt in my mind that the increase in cancers in humans and decrease in numbers of bees for example, without which we will be dead in seven years anyway, is pretty much wholly attributable to mobiles and wi-fi.

    Where would we be without mobiles and wi-fi? Could we ever rid ourselves of this self-destructive trend? Probably not! Just ride the bomb to it’s conclusion.

    • That’s very interesting, David – I have often wondered about that but usually have been dismissed because my knowledge of all things scientific is pretty sketchy. I have often worried about the effect of using mobile / cell phones on the brain, especially for children, and I know there have been some studies carried out here but the results are always “inconclusive.”

      I don’t like to arouse suspicion unnecessarily, but this – plus theories like yours about electromagnetic radiation’s effect on wildlife – strike me as likely to remain “inconclusive” for so long as the major industrial powers can control and manipulate research about them.

      And in true NIMBY fashion, I would be loathe to go back to writing on a manual typewriter!

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