Wedding Speeches For Everyone: great new eBook out very soon!

UPDATE April 14th, 2019 Coming very soon: a brand new eBook: Wedding Speeches For Everyone will be an instant download with perfect speech ideas not just for the traditional wedding roles but for everyone among your friends and family who may want to give a speech … even at the last minute.

Wedding Speeches For Everyone new eBook

Coming very soon: en eBook to help you and yours create wedding speeches everyone will remember! Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

Whatever your role in the wedding, there’ll be speech help for you in this handy eBook. There’s no waffle (I’ve been giving the manuscript a good haircut so you get straight to what you need) and I’ve included a few other useful tips and bits of advice that will make a big difference to your speeches.

Best of all is that the way I’ve planned the book will save you time and stop you worrying about your speech. And whether you’re organising the wedding or you’re just a speech-making family member or guest, the last thing you need is to fret about what you’re going to say on the Big Day.

Here are some of the wedding speech givers who’ll find this eBook helpful:

*The bride/brides
*The groom/grooms
*A parent of the/a bride or groom
*Friend of the/a bride or groom
*The chief bridesmaid/bridesmaids
*The best man/men/women
*The daughter or son of the/a bride or groom
*The brother or sister of the/a bride or groom
*The grandparent of the/a bride or groom
… or anyone else who is in line to “say a few words…”

In the meantime, have a look at this selection of wedding speech guides on HTWB

And if there isn’t a wedding speech article for you, or if you can’t get the ideas and information you need from the articles here, let me know in the comments and I’ll write one specially for you.

But hurry! I’ll be finalising the manuscript by Monday, April 22nd. And I do need a couple of days to write articles!

Share your requests in the comments below …

And watch this space for the book’s release date … coming soon!