Wedding speeches for everyone – yes, really!

UPDATE March 24, 2019

Now that Spring really is bursting out all over the UK (in some ways flooding out, but that’s another story) it has got us all thinking about the upcoming wedding season.

(That spell of warm weather has also made the trees and bushes burst into flower which although beautiful, has had many tree pollen allergics like me coughing and sneezing and groping for the Piriton. Hay fever, unlike weddings, is NOT romantic.)


Speeches for same-sex weddings: yes they can be different, but not for the reasons you might think

Tree pollen or not, it won’t be long now until spring weddings begin to unfold and if you have a role as any of the following officials, I have plenty of help right here for you to get you thinking along the right lines and inspire you with humour and love, so you can create the wedding speech of a lifetime.

Whatever your role in the wedding, there’s speech help for you here

Here are the key roles. In my list or articles below I haven’t made any specific reference to whether or not the couple are gay or straight. However see below for some further thoughts on that and some ideas for individual speech-makers to use at a same-sex wedding where the roles can be a little different. For now, though:

*The bride/brides
*The groom/grooms
*A parent of the/a bride or groom
*Friend of the/a bride or groom
*The chief bridesmaid/bridesmaids
*The best man/men/women
*The daughter or son of the/a bride or groom
*The brother or sister of the/a bride or groom
*The grandparent of the/a bride or groom
… or anyone else who is in line to “say a few words…”


Weddings: it's official. Women's speeches are IN!

Need some advice specifically aimed at women who want to give a wedding speech? Whether you’re the bride or any other lady relative or friend? You’d find my book, “Wedding Speeches For Women,” incredibly handy – as quite a few women wedding speakers have found already. Check out the reviews on Amazon UK… and it’s on all the other Amazons, too.


So – the main selection of wedding speech guiders on HTWB

And what about gay wedding speeches?

I’ve often thought about writing an article about gay wedding speeches but as far as I could see, there isn’t anything to say that’s different from any other article about wedding speeches.

However there can be differences which are positive and more appropriate for the various roles, so have a look here.

Any questions about all wedding speeches?

Share them here and I’ll answer them, so you’re well prepared for the season to come.

And if there isn’t a wedding speech article for you, or if you can’t get the ideas and information you need from the articles here, let me know in the comments and I’ll write one specially for you.

Please share your views, too, in the comments below.