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Chapter 1
Speeches for the non-traditional roles:
**Both grooms
**Mother of the bride/groom
**Grandmother/grandfather of the bride/groom
**Other male and female friends and family
**Daughter or son of the groom / daughter or son of the bride (adults and youngsters)
**Best woman/daughter/son/friend
**Numerous other variants

Chapter 2
The traditional roles if you want to stick to them:
**Father of the bride
**Best man

Chapter 3
Speeches for wedding rehearsal dinners: several different speaker roles and why what they say is different

Chapter 4
Planning – the foundation of success of any wedding speech and how important it is to work well with the other speakers

Chapter 5
Preparation – the more you do, the better you’ll be: this may sound boring, but it is so, so worth it

Chapter 6
Humour – how to make it work well for you: not an easy one but here we establish what works and what doesn’t and how to judge your own circumstances

Chapter 7
Poetry – how to use it creatively: think you can’t write simple poetry? Of course you can and will, with this help

Chapter 8
Rehearsal and delivery – very basic but essential public speaking tips (that will work for you beyond this wedding, too)

Chapter 9
If all else fails and the dog eats your notes…don’t panic! Here’s a brilliant fire-fighting solution that will save you and the wedding, too…

Further reading
If you have more time, here are some great, detailed resources you might find very helpful

End piece
A (very ) short note of encouragement and congratulation from Suze

About the author
A (very) short piece about Suze herself if you’re interested

Writing speeches for the wedding rehearsal dinner … sample chapter

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