What are you doing to celebrate Spring?


Whatever your faith, share this celebration of the
northern hemisphere’s Springtime festivals

This weekend sees two major celebrations of Spring in action, albeit with religious commemorative connotations – the Christian/Orthodox Easter, and the Jewish Passover (Pesach) which runs across the Christian Easter this year although it’s a longer festival overall.

Needless to say not all of what these religious occasions are about is celebration, because of the tragic issues that may have led up to them in the first place. But what seems to be common to both is that from those, hope, faith and determination spring forth. 

Of course, Spring celebrations in the seasonal sense of the term are only applicable to the northern hemisphere.

Actually it would be great to know how you southern hemisphere people treat Easter and Passover, both of which are linked to the Spring season, when it’s actually Autumn outside. How does this work?

Whatever your faith, and wherever you are, here’s to the celebration of a new season, and new hope for better things in our troubled world.

What are you doing to mark the coming of Spring (or Autumn?) Please share – it would be great to know your thoughts.

Whatever that is, have a good one. Suze.

photo credit: Southern Lady’s Vintage via photopin cc