What are your favorite breeds of dog?

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Pyradachs – a somewhat puzzling dog

Do you love dogs? If you do, you might like to share these new breeds of dog that can be created by appropriate crosses. They may not come up to Kennel Club scratch, however …. for example:

Pointsetter – a breed often bought from garden centers at Christmas time

Kerry Blue Terrier/Skye Terrier:
Blue Skye – a breed well suited to optimists

Great Pyrenean Mountain Dog/Dachshund:
Pyradachs – a somewhat puzzling dog

Pekingese/Lhasa Apso:
Peekasso – an artistic dog with an abstract personality

Collie/Lhasa Apso:
Collapso – useful dog for folding up into very small cars

Newfoundland/Basset Hound:
Newfound Asset Hound – a superb sniffer dog for merchant bankers and business angels

Poodle/Irish Water Spaniel:
Puddle – a difficult breed to house train

Terribull – a breed prone to minor disasters

Terrier/Rough Collie:
Toughie – a hardy dog that’s afraid of nothing

Shrug – a laid back breed with very calm temperament

Salvation – a useful dog for mountain rescue purposes

Bolshoi – a talented Russian breed with elegant, graceful action

Chow Chow/Manchester Terrier:
Chowmane – a sturdy breed, very popular in China

Cocker Spaniel/Rottweiler:
Cockrotts – often chosen as pets by straying husbands

breeds of dog,humor,funny,jokes

Bullshihtz – a dog that looks fierce
but is an utter wimp

Bulldog/Shih Tzu:
Bullshihtz – a dog that looks fierce but is an utter wimp

Husky/Lakeland Terrier:
Hulky – a breed which, despite the name, does not grow larger and turn green when provoked

Puli/Pit Bull Terrier:
Pul Pit – a worthy breed favoured by members of the Clergy

Brollie – a dog that loves to be outdoors in all weathers

Doodle – an artistic dog with time on its paws

JackShihtz – cute little dog with a very low IQ

PooSpitz – a dog whose company you may find rather rude

German Shepherd Dog/Poodle
Shroodle – a very clever dog that loves apple-flavored desserts

Schnoodle – a dog of average intelligence, with a fondness for pasta

Bernese Mountain Dog/Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Burpy Mountain Dog – breed with a head for heights but tendency to flatulence

Malamute/Bichon Frisé
MalFrisé – a breed suffering from perpetual bad hair days

Hϋberman – a dog so terrifying it puts mere men to shame

Chiquita – a breed that thrives on a diet of bananas

Bouvier des Flandres / Dogue de Bordeaux
Boogie – a large, pretentious dog fond of 1930s music

Gordon Setter/Boxer
Setterbox – a chatty breed that speaks with a Scottish accent

What other new breeds of dog can you come up with?

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  1. Robert Malcolm over on Facebook came up with another really good one: “the Bedlington Terrier/ Springer Spaniel = Bedspring – a dog for the nocturnally active” …

    Can you think of some more?

  2. And here’s another one I’ve just thought of …

    Airedale / Portuguese Mastiff = Airport, a dog that loves travelling