What can I blog about today? 15 ideas to inspire you

small__3439448703Thinking up ideas for new business blog posts can be hard, especially if you haven’t yet had time to attend one of my workshops to open your mind up to new and inspired blogging inspiration! So in the meantime, here are some generic ideas that will help trigger your inspiration about your own particular product or service, and get you blogging into new and profitable dimensions…

News feeds: local, national and international but closely related to your customer base – loose associations aren’t enough. Always create a strong link to your readers’ own interests and businesses.

Case histories: a very good source of inspiring blog posts. Written up as a blog post or a series of blog posts they’re OK provided that they’re not boring, and clearly demonstrate a learning point about topics that are relevant to readers. Studying case histories (not necessarily written as posts) will tell you a lot about your customer base and the issues they face, which should supply you with further ideas for posts.

Don’t forget that your customers are human: they don’t work 24/7. OK, you don’t want to write case histories about their crochet work if you’re a lawyer, but their achievements in the community and within their own businesses are possibly of interest to your other customers and prospects.

Children and families: think hard and see if your product or service can have some sort of effect on your customers’ children and even grandchildren. Anything useful you post about them will be well received.

History: the history of your business (and customers’ involvement with it) can be very entertaining and interesting.

Firefighting: emergencies that can crop up within your remit in your customers’ business or personal lives, and what to do about them.

Checklists: work better than the rather tired “top 10 Tips” and are useful for seasonal posts, reminders for customers, etc.

What happens elsewhere in the world: stories about how your business (and their involvement with it) works in other countries, provided that there is entertainment/interest value in developing countries, weird USA state laws, etc.

The future for people using/needing your product/service: predictions based on your own views, and based on general statistics related to your own customers.

Threats: the nastiest challenges that your customers might be facing from government, economic crises, etc., and how best to guard against them.

Humor: never be afraid to include amusing stories and anecdotes that are directly related to your customers’ businesses and other activities. A little light relief is always welcome in the business day.

Jargon: most businesses have jargon that many customers need to use and understand. If this applies to your business, a jargon-buster blog post will be very welcome.

Reviews of equipment, new procedures, etc:  assuming your customers will find such information helpful, a straight-from-the shoulder review works well. Ensure that you share the benefits (or pitfalls) to customers of whatever you review; don’t just list features.

Interviews: interview some of your key customers and prospects and share the transcript, edited appropriately, as blog posts. Ensure you ask your interviewees questions that will be of interest to your other customers … not just questions that allow them to brag about themselves!

Health & Safety: depending on the nature of your business, there could well be a call for H&S information that is tailored entirely to your customers’ circumstances.

blogging,writing,blog writing,business,newsletter,HowToWriteBetter.net,How To Write Better,Suzan St MaurThat’s just a list of 15 ideas. There are loads more and we’ll develop those here on HTWB in the coming weeks. In the meantime, though, what are the main triggers you  find useful when you’re thinking up new blog post ideas? Please share them with us here.

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  1. Thanks Suze, always good to have some inspiration. It’s so easy to sit with a block.

  2. Great blog!

    One thing I use to inspire me is customers questions – often a simple question but if one customer is asking others may want to know the answer too! I therefore use that question to write a blog!

    • Very good point Kevin – your industry is perfect for that kind of blog post inspiration. For example … (perhaps assuming you do air conditioning too??) What are the best ways to keep our homes cool during these brief hot spells in our British summers?

      And … Given that climate change seems to be creating milder winters and much warmer summers, how likely is it that air conditioning will one day be built into new homes in – at least – southern England, in the future?