What can we write about in 2015?

What can we write about in 2015?

What new trends can we write about in 2015, that haven’t been done to death in 2014 or earlier?

Those of you who write blogs, articles and other content may well be wondering what new inspirations 2015 will offer us.

Here are a few suggestions to get your imagination off to a good, er, start…and although I have been sharing my thoughts with a sense of humor, actually, don’t dismiss these ideas as just jokey cr*p.

Why? Not because they aren’t jokey cr*p because of course they are. BUT,  my intention here is to help you get your own writing minds up and beyond what you do every day, and into some other areas which might help free up your imagination. It pays to be silly sometimes!

Summer vacations

If you’re a travel blogger or are in the travel business, forget sunny Spain, St Tropez, Thailand, The Maldives and all those other boring clichés. People in 2015 will want something more interesting – something they can get their teeth into, something more demanding. Ideas that really will wow your audiences include true challenges like …

Two weeks under canvas above Base Camp on Mount Everest just resting quietly in blissful light-headed comfort (NB: an extra charge will be made for oxygen.)

10 days on a Burmese python hunt in the Florida Keys. No weapons allowed: bare hands only. Come and cuddle these rip-roaring reptiles! (Before they get the chance to cuddle you.)

Two weeks of bracing family fun in the midnight sun in Northern Greenland’s only holiday camp! Heating unavailable but hey, with vigorous activities you won’t notice.

“Be a Police Officer” downtown / city center week … spend 7 exciting days hanging out with real police! Choice of locations includes Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Bangkok plus any city where British soccer fans are expected en masse.

Nutrition and dieting

Given the current trends, here are some article topic ideas you might find useful if nutrition and dieting are your genres…

How to instantly lose 10 lbs of ugly flesh by cutting your head off

Which food or beverage does NOT give you cancer?

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Pulses
  • Wild moose
  • Unicorn
  • Dinosaur
  • Cannabis
  • Water
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Moonshine
  • (Clue: what popular daily newspaper do you read?

Weightloss breakthough: Subliminal Exercise, or how your mind can burn those pesky calories while you sit on your butt all day.

Big Mach 2 McDonalds: pre-pay on your credit card and revolutionary new process squirts liquidized 3,000 calorie Big Mach 2 burger and fries into your mouth as you drive thru at 20 m.p.h. No stopping required! (Tip: ensure your driver and passenger windows are open at the time.)

Goodbye Dukan, Paleo, Atkins: now it’s the Zero diet! So, so simple new diet means you eat nothing at all for 2 weeks. Super-effective weight loss! Drinking water is permissible if you need help staying alive.

The British Elections 2015

If you live in the UK you may well be feeling bored by this topic already, but chances are many of your readers will maintain an interest in what’s going on with the national (federal) elections here right until the bitter end. Here are some concepts for articles or blogs that offer a slightly different political angle, which you might like to consider…

Why the wart on the end of Nigel Farage‘s nose could point UKIP’s way in election … some Druids and other ancient cultures believe that the way in which warts such as Farage’s point can predict the owner’s future. Currently Farage’s points to the right, but in a downwards direction.

Cameron attends elocution classes to sound more “Estuary” … Eton-educated Conservative Prime Minister attends classes to flatten out his vowel sounds so he speaks more like an Essex motor trader, to appeal to a larger section of the populace. Aristocrat wife Samantha commented, “great idea, innit?”

Amphibian lovers flock together to support frog look-alike Ed Miliband in prime-ministerial bid … it’s not about how he looks, it’s about what he croaks, comments frog lover Josephine Clunt from Cornwall.

Nick Clegg suffers from another attack of political labyrinthitis; still dizzy not knowing which way is up … pressure builds as he wonders which party might take his on as partners next time.

Things to bitch about in the summer of 2015

In the UK we’re always complaining about our weather which, considering it is so variable, is not surprising. Here, then, are some topic ideas which you could use, depending on the conditions and predictions at the time concerned, and also some ideas for other countries…

Snow falls in Bournemouth on hottest day of the year: Met Office says “Global warming challenges meteorologists once again, but no cause for concern.”

Eastern Canadians prepare for big freeze of July 2015: travel firms already booking Tundra Buggies for cross-lake transport on the Great Lakes in time to welcome US visitors for the July 4th weekend.

Why southern hemisphere dwellers celebrate Christmas on June 25th … how big cheaters in countries like South Africa and Australia divert their Yuletide celebrations 6 months asunder and think they’re being clever because they can eat and drink themselves stupid when it’s a bit cooler outside.

Chunky Challenge holidays planned for vibrant new northern venues like Baffin Island and Greenland: exciting stuff! See above, especially if sensory deprivation and unyielding cold really get your mojo working!

Well, that’s all I can think of for the moment but I’ll be back with any more ideas I happen upon.

In the meantime, what fab ideas do YOU have for great things to write about in 2015? Please share!

And more importantly here are my very best wishes for a wonderful 2015. A very, very Happy New Year from me and everyone else on HTWB! xx


photo credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism via photopin cc