What can you blog about? Children and families

small_2493066577Getting good business blog ideas is becoming an increasing headache for many business people. In this series, we take a look at some key areas of inspiration to help trigger ideas for your next blog post. This time, we look at children and families.

You’d be surprised how many links there are from businesses to children and families generally, even when the product or service concerned isn’t obviously connected with those topics. However, let’s start by looking at businesses that do have a connection.

Business connected with children and families

Here are a few trigger points you might like to think about for blog posts that are not necessarily related to your product or service, but which will be of interest to parents and other family members who are your current and prospective customers…

  • Practical safety for children – in the home, outdoors, while walking, cycling to school, in cars, etc.
  • Safety from strangers
  • How to choose the right schools
  • Bullying at school and among peer groups
  • School problems and how to solve them
  • ADHD and other behavioral problems
  • Autism, Aspergers, etc
  • Family holidays, vacations
  • What to do in the school holidays
  • Child-friendly food and recipes
  • Fun things to do on a rainy day
  • Nurseries, pre-school, daycare
  • Elderly relatives – care homes, nursing homes, independence
  • Family arguments and tensions
  • Step families
  • Family occasions, e.g. religious events, birthdays, etc – organizing, planning, shopping for, etc.
  • …and so-on.

What if your business is not directly child/family related?

OK, let’s take some examples of business blog ideas in this category and see what child/family related topics could bounce off them…

Plumbing business – toilet training for toddlers, bathroom hygiene, conserving water, safety of drinking tap water, health hazards in the shower, making bath times fun, safety in the bathroom for seniors

Business coaching – life-work balance, how to cope when your child wants you to stay home for the day, keeping family out of your home office, explaining modern tech to elderly relatives, dealing with partners’ professional jealousy, how to cope with your business during pregnancy

Web design business – design and accessibility of websites for kids / seniors / people with disabilities, review of best children’s websites, showing seniors how to use the web and surf, most child-friendly and most senior-friendly phones, tablets, laptops, etc, parental internet controls, reviews of latest children’s games

Construction equipment/plant hire company – safety when there are children and/or seniors around, what to consider when using equipment near schools, care homes, playgrounds, etc, review of best toy tractors, bulldozers, backhoe loaders, etc, why little boys love to play with toy excavators etc, interviews with senior former users talking about their memories of this equipment when they were young, pictures and description of machines back through history

But all these topics are covered in magazines

Yes, they are. But they’re covered by other people, and people who don’t know anything about your business and your customers.

What makes the blog posts you write on these topics unique is because they are your take on them, and the way you relate the information to your own very specific audience. That makes them well-targeted and much more interesting to your readers than the generalized stuff they can pick up on the internet or in the papers.

So off you go – use your imagination with the help of your inner child!

I could go on here, but that’s all we have time for today. For more business blog ideas, give me a shout on suze@suzanstmaur.com.

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photo credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com via photopin cc