What can you blog about? Interviews

small_2493066577Getting good business blog ideas is becoming an increasing headache for many business people. In this article we take a look at how to use interviews with key people in your industry. 

You’d be surprised how many even quite famous people are happy to give interviews – probably because it’s flattering to their egos! And if you pick the right characters within your industry area what they have to say will be of considerable interest to your readers/customers.

Interviews do not perform the same function as case histories, because they are not specifically about the interviewee’s relationship with you and your company, although that might come into it if relevant.

Interviews are intended to share the interviewee’s general wisdom, opinions on your business or industry area, advice to others in those areas, opinions on general topics that affect your industry or business area, visions for the future, etc.

Some potential interviewees

Obviously this depends a lot on what sort of business you’re in, but here is a list of ideas to start you off with some business blog ideas:

Local, regional and national politicians – anyone from your local council or city governing body to your MP / Congressman etc. They will be able to contribute about local, regional or national trends in business and public sector management that could affect various different businesses in those areas. Make sure you keep your questions tight so they don’t wander off into politic-speak that’s not relevant…

Authors of books connected with your business area – keep a check on Amazon for any new books coming out that are relevant to your industry or business area and ask the author for an interview. Usually you can get hold of them by Googling the publisher’s website, emailing their press office and asking for them to pass on your interview request to the author. If that doesn’t work Google the author’s name as they may have self-published and set up a website from which to sell the book, so you’ll be able to contact them that way.

Local, regional and national experts – this can range from TV gardeners to university professors, depending on what you do. Don’t be shy; often you’ll think “oh, s/he would never take any notice of my blogsite” but in fact many of these people are a lot nicer than you think and will be glad to oblige! Once again, Google is your friend and should lead you to an appropriate contact pathway.

Journalists who specialize in your area – although most journalists are too busy to write guest posts for bloggers, they may well be willing to do either a vocal or email interview with you. This is particularly true for journos who work on smaller publications, trade press, etc. although you might be lucky and get an interview with a national figure, especially if your business is directly relevant to what they do.

Experts who are one step removed from your business area – these are people who wouldn’t necessarily be your first choice but who nonetheless will have interesting things to say to your readers/customers. For example:

  • A breast surgeon or nurse if your business sells bras and other lingerie
  • A simultaneous translator if your business teaches a language
  • A traffic policeman if you sell used cars

And so-on.

For full details of how to go about getting good interviews, check out this article of mine here.

Good luck!

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