What do we want to write better in 2019?

I don’t mean this in a commercial way, but rather as in what from your heart do you really want to share with others in this coming year when we’re focused more than ever on deeply personal issues like mental health, mindfulness, happiness, positivity in the light of political, social and ecological darkness?

Do we want to write more about politics?

I don’t, for sure. I don’t dare.

What will we write about in 2019

What can we write about in 2019 that will help address our current issues?

Looking out through my electronic window a.k.a. my desktop screen, all I can see is a childish, petulant bully in the USA … a frightening face-off in our neighbouring France … courteous, amiable and utterly confused political squabling in the UK’s parliament … terrifying geological realities in Indonesia … all symptoms that remind us that we’re simply festering little pimples on the backside of a churning world.

So no, I won’t write about politics. Chances are if I do express my views I’ll get trolled on social media and have threats to my life and my family, like when I made a comparatively innocent comment on Facebook about cycling. More than 300 people called me names that rhyme with blunt. And all because I said that bicycles and heavy commercial traffic do not belong on the same roads.

Will you dare write about your opinions? And if so, what will you write and where will you write it?

Should we write more about global warming?

This is one that makes me wonder. Are we looking purely at what the scientists tell us, i.e. that all the temperature changes we’re experiencing are due entirely to the gases and other crap we produce?

Or is it – partly or totally – one of these cyclical phenomena of global warming and cooling that has been a recurring problem over thousands of years? I’m not saying it is. I just don’t know. Do you?

What more can we write about mental health?

The fact that mental health is now recognised as a parallel dimension to physical health is utterly wonderful.

How I wish that when I had a “nervous breakdown” aged 19 due to my savagely narcissistic mother I could have found someone who understood what I was going through, never mind someone who could have signposted me to the help I needed. Guess what? I survived. Just. My doctor kept me going on Valium. One day I will write about it.

Have you experienced mental health damage due to a narcissistic parent or partner? So many of us have, as my good friend and counsellor Caroline Strawson knows only too well.

There are a good few books on Amazon about that, and of course numerous groups and coaches to help people through the damage caused by narcisstic partners. Given that so many of our previous generations were brought up by stern parents and grand-parents who beat their kids and jeopardised their adulthood, writing openly about narcissism has allowed many people to at last understand why they feel so wounded.

Yes, “MeToo.” Both from my mother, and from subsequent relationships with friends and lovers.

And what about even more mental health issues?

I can’t say how thrilled I am that so much is being written now about other mental health issues, including ADHD, autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

I watched a video recently about neurodiversity. Here it is. It blew me away: not just because I have a number of young relatives who qualify within these “categories,” but also I never had thought of these issues in the way presented. Have a look: watch the video. What will you write about these topics, better, in 2019?

I know I will write about all this. As a “neurotypical,” I will now celebrate this lady’s fantastic teaching that “neurodiversity” is where we need to travel – and perhaps what we need to write about more and more.

What will we write about diet, vegan food, Keto diets and all that?

Trouble with getting older is you’ve heard about so much of this stuff before. Take the Keto diet: apart from a few small variables it’s very similar to “the Drinking Man’s Diet” dating back to the 1960s and before.

I’m told that originally it was designed as a low-carb diet for Air Force crew who – understandably – spent many hours sitting on their bums (in aircraft), not moving around, and so tended to put on weight.

It’s very hard to balance the differences between Keto diets which promote fat and fatty protein, versus vegan diets that promote everything but. What do we write about assuming we’re not firmly wedded to one extreme to another? I don’t know. I just eat.

What will we write about cannabis, its legality, its illegality and ZzZzzzz

Many congratulations to the land of my birth, Canada, for legalising weed in most provinces and surprising the hell out of me last summer when a friend drove me by a huge new cannabis farm in Georgian Bay, Ontario but then expressed shock when I spat out the words “f**k me.” Canadians don’t like swearwords but love getting wasted on the ganga. Go figure.

What are we going to write about the legalisation of cannibis in medical terms, especially considering how cannabis oil is now performing miracles for medical conditions like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and more?

What would YOU like to write about in 2019?

As long as what you want to write about has a connection (however vague) with writing, please send it in. We need more inter-action on HTWB: get writing! And send me your thoughts on suze@suzanstmaur. com

In the meantime…

all our fondest wishes for an

amazing and transformational 2019

Sz xx & Co!