What happens when THUGS crash the whitest neighborhood in the city?

Scroll down to watch this glorious video for the coming Holiday Season…

HTWB Xmas house

… truly heart warming, especially in our troubled times. Enjoy.

What other unusual, heart warming Holidays stories can you share with us?

Many thanks to corporate comedian Tom Mabe for the loan of this Holiday video. 

“Everyone from Paul Harvey to the New York Times has proclaimed comedian Tom Mabe a ‘Comic Superhero‘ for tackling pesky telemarketers, junk email, bad customer service, and other topics that irk us all.

By making audiences across America laugh for over 15 years about the annoyances of modern life, Tom proves that it pays to think creatively. When it comes to thinking outside the box, he’s nowhere near the box. He can help your team ignite a creative spark, too.”

Sounds like my kind of guy…

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  1. Lovely! A perfect Christmas posting! Thank you!