Why you should know what I do for the day job

If you need some help to inject more inspiration, zap and money-making effectiveness into your business writing, you’ve found the right writer. And yes: this is a b*lls-out, no BS promotional post. Why?

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Horse riding (especially dressage)
is a favorite hobby of mine.
In this shot, the horse is on the right…;-)

Because for the last three-and-a-half years I have been posting here on HTWB about topics to help you  write better, by yourself.

But there may well come a time when you need some external help with your content writing. Here’s a way to finding a solution you might find beneficial, and long term, profitable.

What you get when I help you with your written material for business … is the benefit of years of experience across all – and I mean  all – media, both online and offline. But that’s only part of the story.

Because experience is only as good as experience does. Now … not 10 years ago, and not even last year.

So what you get when I help you, is all that experience distilled into one very, very powerful bag of tricks, mixed together with up-to-the-minute know-how about where it’s at today. If you check me out on Google, you’ll see that I hang around online a lot, keeping well ahead of the posse.

And, being the wrong side of 40 … I still love the offline media, too.

Which means that between us, we can get right down to what’s going to work wonders for you. Whatever the medium, whatever you need.

Blogging for business

This is a business blog. Along with some guest columnists I’ve produced well over 700 articles (“blog posts”) here. I’ve had over 1.5 million page views in 3 years. I know how to blog, and I know how to teach you to blog for business, too. Or if you’d rather I do it for you, I’m a truly spooky ghost blogger.

Articles (ghost written) for business

Much as we should regard these as pretty much the same as blogs for business, there is a subtle difference – especially if you need to produce a business or professional journal or specialized website, say. You’ll find my help here very useful … and being a research junkie I can produce some very, very interesting information to support your article.

Website text

Even though we’re moving towards the more fluid environment of blog-based sites, you still need powerful words for that home page, the about page, the FAQ, and more. You probably know more about your product or service than anyone else in the world. And that’s the problem. These pages are so, so easily screwed up because you’re too close to the business. But I can take that love and passion of yours, blend it up with some objective, customer-focused spice, and make those words work a treat for you.

Video and audio scripts

Writing for the spoken word is different from what you write for text or print. If you don’t know the difference you can end up recording very lumpy sounding voice tracks. Way back in the Ming Dynasty I wrote, produced and directed more video and audio programs than you can shake a stick at, and the soft skills involved haven’t changed even though the technology has. If you’ve got a script to write, I’ve got the knack.

Social media input

Whether you’re a SocMed Bieleeeber (sorry, but poor little Justin is a fellow Canadian, bless him) or not, unless your business operates from an unusually remote place well within the Arctic Circle, you’re going to be looking at promoting it on “that there SocMed.” I’ve been getting under people’s radar on SocMed** for a while now and have thousands of followers (many resulting in yummy new business) on all the biggies. No buying lists, followers, Twittereebies – uh, uh: all organic. I can help you do the same.

Offline media

Remember those old things called brochures, leaflets, press ads, press releases, etc.? Much as some in the online world would have us believe that print is dead, it ain’t. Being a bit older than a 12-year-old I remember how to write for print and am enjoying its current sort-of renaissance. If you are, too, we need to talk.

Book coaching

Want to publish a nonfiction book to help establish your street cred as an expert? I have written and had published over 30 nonfiction books including this one. Having learned how to do it the hard way means I can help you conceive, plan, write, publish and market your book: both of us will come out of it still sane and smiling, and you will be a successful nonfiction author. (If you want to write a novel, however, I can recommend you to one of our columnists who is an amazing  fiction coach.)

Speech writing

Got to make a presentation at work? A speech at a wedding? Don’t laugh, but for a long time in the 1990s I was the Grandma Moses of speech writing in the south of England. Amazingly I’m still in demand to write speeches that sizzle, inspire, and make audiences laugh. If you need some help with writing a speech I have experience in anything from bar mitzvahs (everywhere) to (UK) political keynotes, with literally hundreds of business and social topics in between: help yourself.

How much?

I’m not cheap, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. Because I’ve been around the business writing block a few times I know how to keep the hours down, and the quality up.

Let’s talk … by email (suze@suzanstmaur.com) … or on Skype (Suzan St Maur) … I look forward to showing you how I can help you get brilliant results from your written words!

Suze on social media: **come and say hello!

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Caricature of Suzan St Maur and equine friend by Simon Ellinas.