What the noble Kenyans have taught us about diversity

HTWB NairobiOf course there are disgusting attacks on human beings in many countries around the world. Only on Sunday there were at least 75 innocent people killed in a twin-suicide bombing in Pakistan on a Christian Church.

On Saturday Somalian Islamic extremists killed what may turn out to be an even greater number (at this time of writing over 60 innocent victims) – along with approaching 200 injured – also in the name of their religion.

The terrorists’ contempt for human life and its value is utterly disgusting.

But something else emerged from those pictures taken in Nairobi – a cosmopolitan, socially diverse city within a continent not always known for its cosmopolitanism.

It was series upon series of pictures showing people of all races and cultures helping each other, saving each other, being one “people” in the face of such disgraceful evil and cowardice on the part of one pathetic, spiteful and sickening group.

African Kenyans saved Asian and European Kenyan children and adults.

Asian Kenyans saved African and European Kenyan children and adults.

European Kenyans saved Asian and African Kenyan children and adults.

Much as the Nairobi massacre must teach us about conflict, it also teaches us about people, and what really matters beyond race, color, creed, religion and more.

Thank you, Kenya, for showing us that racial and cultural diversity is not just something we all need to embrace; it’s something that should be an inherent part of our humanity. In your case, it obviously is.

You, noble Kenyans, have shown the world how essential that is to a nations’ survival, especially but not exclusively in times of extreme tragedy.

With sincerest sympathy and condolences. xx


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  1. Thanks Suzan for embedding this summary crowning the fantastic display of brotherhood and humanity. It was definitely disheartening but amidst all that, political figures came together, Kenyans were united more than ever and the spirit of true humanity was evident in the face of every Kenyan.
    Personally i was impressed as a Kenyan and this event has changed my life for the better.
    I have now decided to go into voluntary work at least for the next two years. Anyone reading this outside there and you feel that i can help in your community kindly contact me – t.mbaru@gmail.com, skype: thomas.mbaru
    I need to give back to humanity; i learnt a great lesson following the Westgate mall attacks
    May God bless Kenya; May God bless humanity.

    • Thank you, Thomas, for sharing this with us. I think you are one of many whose lives will have been changed by this tragedy. Of course hundreds of people will have been bereaved and affected by the horrendous injuries inflicted by al-Shahbab, but equally hundreds will benefit from the cultural and social unification that is a by-product of this massacre. Your wish to do voluntary work is yet another example of the kind and generous hearts you Kenyans have: I take my hat off to you all. xx


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