What to write to overseas friends about Brexit…LOL

As we’re all wondering just what the hell will happen about Brexit to those of us who live in the UK, it can hardly be surprising that people living outside of the UK are utterly bewildered and wondering what even more about what will happen next.

I thought, therefore, that I would jot down a short, jocular poem (which you can sing to a favourite country music track, if you prefer) about Brexit to share when you’re emailing or texting your friends overseas. This poem will explain to them about as much as any of us here in the UK know.

Humorous poem about Brexit

(with apologies for a few expletives, but I have asterisked them.)

I got the Brexit blues, it’s giving me pain, danged Brexit
That Theresa May’s a star but she ain’t goin’ very far
‘Cos those good old boys called “Bruxellaires***
Got her right by her short hairs
And there ain’t nobody figures how she hacks it.

I got the Brexit blues, it’s p*ssing me off, danged Brexit
Boris Johnson’s on a roll, the jolly, chubby soul
Trouble is he kicks own goals
Steps in stinky stuff so foul
While his hair needs more than concrete just to fix it.

I got the Brexit blues, it’s driving me nuts, danged Brexit
David Davis is so blue, it’s enough to make you spew
“This bogus deal is pure old poo”
He warned the parliamentary crew
“And the no-deal’s crappy too, so let’s just nix it!”

I got the Brexit blues, it’s right up my nose, danged Brexit
Jem the Corbyn is confused, not sure which approach to choose
He’d love to see Theresa lose
But then he’d really have to use
A completely different deal – so now, who picks it?

I got the Brexit blues, it’s utterly insane, danged Brexit
Donald Trump has had his say, having kicked Brits on the way
“We might not really want to play
With your new deal, dear Mrs May…”
He stopped there ‘cos ’twas time to check his lipstick.

Yep, I got the Brexit blues, fed up with that there Brexit
I don’t care no more who’s right, oh, please stop this awful fight
Just give us a deal in sight
So we finally see the light
And make sure nobody goes and danged-well f*cks it.

© Suzan St Maur 2018-2019

***well, it’s close enough…

What are your feelings about Brexit?

Please share – and please let’s try to keep it light and laugh at the funny side, if there is one…LOL…