What to write – and think – about Boxing Day…

Boxing Day isn’t celebrated everywhere, but in England it has traditions going back to the 17th century. Here’s a short commentary, in verse of course!

What to write - and think - about Boxing Day

No, not this type of Boxing Day…

BOXING DAY (Dec 26th)

by Suzan St Maur

Boxing Day is not for some
Whose post Yule day means not a crumb
In fact outside of Britain there’s
Not much sense in it, anyways.

So how did we see this term adapt?
Folks rebelling from gifts being wrapped?
Taking a break from that old cliché
…thinking outside the box, for one day?

Nope, it’s something somewhat stronger
Having been around for much, much longer.
Boxing Day is about grace and favour
From the days when posh folks set the flavour.

“Christmas Box” in England goes back to
17th Century habits, as you might do
Still continued now this day
Even though some folks might say…

“Giving tips to folks who’re working
…just to satisfy your jerking
Seems a bit, well, condescending”
It is it though? A proper ending?

Let’s get back to life more candid
And lift what’s Boxing Day’s own lid
Think about what really matters
Wherever your goodwill might scatter

More to the point, take this to heart
Giving to folks in need, is a start
Whatever Boxing Day might have meant
Right now it means, a giving advent.

While you’re up digesting Christmas
Think about those folks in sickness
Yes, I know, this Christmas meet time
Ends up being charity “bleat time”

…but if you have some goodies left
…once your own “vittles” are left bereft
Share them with the folks who need them
You’ll never know how much that’ll please them.

So, Christmas comes but once a year
And Boxing Day does follow, dear
Let’s try to make the bright New Year
A prospect we don’t need to fear.

With all good wishes for a wonderful 2018!