What to write for your readers when they’re on their holidays

When your readers /customers are on vacation, or are about to go on vacation, or even are just thinking about it, you can forgive them for not focusing quite as hard on your business or other activity’s message as they might at other times.

writing for readers on vacation

People on vacation seldom switch off completely from blogs and social media, so keep some of your blogs and posts in tune with them while they’re away.

But rather than just accept it as a seasonal fact of life, in some cases you can actually use this “holiday spirit” to your advantage.

Here are a few examples to get you thinking…and most important of all, how to get your readers coming back to your site for helpful information not only before and after, but while they are away on their holidays.

(Most of the following are ideas that could be developed into a short series of blogs and/or social media posts over the summer. And apologies to readers in the southern hemisphere: maybe you should bookmark this to read again in November!)

15 ideas for summer holiday topics – e.g. if you’re a ….

1. Business coach: how to switch off, to switch on. Despite the fact that entrepreneurs and solopreneurs should switch off and forget about work when they’re on their holidays, most of us don’t. What we do switch off about, though, is the petty detail. Now we get into that awful cliché “blue sky thinking” and that can be beautifully uncluttered. Write about those notions and how to conserve them ready for the return to work.

2. Personal coach: how to deal with family bitching and other tensions that can build up under a hot sun. Holiday hotels, apartments, caravans/trailers/RVs/etc. can turn out to be less than what you’re expecting. Write about ways to either assert yourself if you want to complain, or settle yourself and others with what may be second best but will let everyone chill out.

3. Fitness coach: how to keep yourself fit when you’re 100s / 1,000s of miles away from your gym. Why it’s important to keep up at least a maintenance fitness routine, and how best to do it. How to involve your friends and family in that too, so everyone can share.

4. Hairdresser: an easy one! How to keep your hair looking good on your vacation despite sun, sand, salt water and more. Plus, how to look after it once you’re back and dealing with sun, sea water and other damage.

5. Beautician/makeup artist: how to look after your skin both when you are on holidays and after you get home. Excellent opportunity even for network marketers like Forever Living, Tropic, etc. to maintain contact with customers. Promote sun-based skincare but also post-holiday skin issues.

6. Parenting coach: how to handle child behaviour issues – in a different country / state / province, in environments (e.g. camping) where you’re all hanging out together. Also how to handle issues like bed time, food choices and other things that you don’t normally handle the same way at home.

7. Accountant/bookkeeper: how to make sure your money is available and safe wherever you are. Especially important where we’re talking people going on holidays in other countries. Advice on what to do if cards are lost or stolen is essential. Easy ways to convert foreign currencies. How to keep track of your daily spending.

some ideas to keep customers interest when they're away on vacation

Some mini tips on how to retain readers’ attention while they’re away on their holidays

8. Lawyer: tips on how to observe laws in other countries / states / provinces. This is especially relevant to families who tour by road, but also who rent cars and drive around areas where the laws might be different from what they are at home. You may also want to include what unusual laws may apply to common holiday/vacation areas amongst your own “tribe,” and warn them what to expect.

9. Automotive companies: what to watch out for. This is an easy one. How to make sure your RV keeps working well? How to make sure your car is on the right tire pressures for a heavier load? How to make sure your trailer / caravan continues to be safe in transit? How to make sure what car you rent locally is a safe bet, or a death-trap? Etc…

10. Cake maker: best pastries and cakes to taste and buy in various countries / states / provinces. What are best eaten on the spot, which ones are OK to buy and take home. Why each country has different tastes in cakes and pastries; why these are particularly in favour now.

11. Dog groomer / veterinarian: pets in other countries / states / provinces are not always as nice as they look. How to teach your kids that not all strange dogs, cats, etc. are friendly. Why it’s important to make sure you don’t touch pet animals that look either aggressive, unwell, or have another behavioural threat. How to care for your pets when you take them away on holiday / vacation with you.

12. Plumber: hygiene when away from home. Tips on how to avoid contamination from dubious toilet facilities, how to disinfect and safely use such facilities in holiday apartments, how to keep your facilities safe and clean in your RV / trailer etc., how to safely use showers and communal facilities in camping grounds.

13. Electricians: safety when away from home. How to ensure that the electricity supply in a holiday home is safe. How to ensure that the appliances you take on holiday will work properly everywhere. How to choose the best plug adaptors when travelling from the UK / Europe / North America and beyond.

14. Travel agent: focus on good things that happen, not just problems! Share tips on how to choose excursions and outings to get the best value for money, how to look after important paperwork, what to do if you lose anything, how to stay safe in the sun, safety and value advice on local car or scooter rentals, etc.

15. Writing/author coach: share what your readers should think about while they’re away, and soon after they get home! And of course, if you’re writing a book and/or have one in mind, never forget to jot down whatever fab ideas come into your head while you’re away. Those may seem a little random at the time, but they may well turn into priceless nuggets later on…

What other professions could keep themselves in their customers’ minds this summer, and how should they do it?

Please share your thoughts!