What to write for your Facebook Ads to make them work well

Have you noticed how many business people are now gravitating more towards Facebook than ever before? In many instances SME people who have been using LinkedIn for some time are getting fed up with their sometimes bizarre upgrades … many of which recently, and ironically, are making it look more and more like Facebook anyway. Perhaps without the grunt, and ease of use, though.

What to write for your Facebook ads to make them work wellBefore we get into what to write, have a look at this short video of a recent Business Growth Club breakfast meeting here in England (tip: you’ll see me at the beginning – I’m the fat blonde woman in a beige top, with a b*m the size of Nebraska) where Graham Archer from 3 Dragon Marketing highlights the incredible value for money Facebook Ads can give you, if you get them right…

Video shot and edited by Janos Antal of Addmonte.co.uk

So, you’ve done the math: what’s available?

Essentially there are two main formats of Facebook ads to choose from.

One, is the right hand column ad which appears on your news feed.

Two, is the ad that actually appears in your news feed as a post, probably with the word “sponsored” on it to show that it’s an ad – important in these days of transparency across social media platforms.

There are numerous derivatives of both – particularly in version Two – including stills photographs, video and of course myriad different purposes whether they are advertising special offers, multiple products, events, vacations, you name it.

In fact logic dictates that as Facebook has become a major advertising medium, it should offer as varied a range of advertising opportunities as any other public medium does.

And it does, with the main USP being that there is no need for any wastage. What brilliance.

OK, an advertising medium extraordinaire: but nothing extraordinary about what you write

Right hand column Facebook ads restrict you to a very few words. But if you’re used to expressing your business messages on Twitter you’ll be prepared for that…

News feed ads give you a bit more room for manoeuvre, but don’t forget that people’s attention span on social media is shorter than that of a gnat.

Upshot? Use a strong visual image – remember pictures are worth 1K words, especially online.

And your actual words have to grab readers and shake them warmly by the throat.

This involves doing the following:

1.Identifying your exact objective – what do you want people to do from this ad? Like your page? Click to your website?

2.Identifying the target audience (made easy by all those Facebook algorithms and stuff, as my video here .)

3.Identifying how doing what you want them to do, will benefit them – preferably, how it will let them sleep better at night: the powerful value proposition

4.Telling them what to do to find out more and get hold of the product or service: the powerful “call to action.”

Taking point #3 from above, drill that right down to the fewest words possible. Use my SO WHAT? test – that’s very helpful.

For example … you may start with a picture of a sweater (targeted at me as a middle-aged women who buys a lot of similar low-cost products online) and words something like:

1.Cute, High-Fashion Fitted Sweater $12.90 only
You can save up to 55% on our latest sweater for 2015. And you get free shipping on all of our 10,000 items site-wide. Come over and shop now!

Too long and wordy. Drill down.

2.Cute Fitted Sweater $12.90 only
You’ll save up to 55% on our latest sweater for 2015. And there’s free shipping on all 10,000 items site-wide. Come and shop now!

Still too long and a bit too wordy. Drill down some more.

3.Cute Sweater $12.90 only
Save up to 55% on 2015 latest sweater. Free shipping on 10,000 items site-wide. Shop now!

Good to go – #3 here is a real ad I just picked off my own Facebook page, and along with the tryptic-style 3 photos of the sweater, it’s quite compelling. (Sadly they don’t do my size…)

It meets the requirements because the advertiser:

  • Knows clearly what they have to offer
  • Has picked the sort of garment I would like
  • Has grabbed me by saying I can get a really cute sweater for just $12.90 – what a bargain! – plus I get free shipping which otherwise can be costly
  • Tells me what to do next

Useful further reading on how to create good Facebook ads

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What are your favorite Facebook ads – and why?

Please share your views!
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