What to write when someone has lost their job due to coronavirus

One of the most popular articles here on HTWB for the last four years has been “What to write when someone has lost their job.” As you know, at the moment (May 2020) this has become even more of an issue due to social distancing, self-isolation and of course the closing down of many businesses.

Even a short email or private message on social media can help support someone who’s facing job/income loss due to coronavirus, but it’s a delicate path to travel. Here’s how to help, not hinder…

Some workers are lucky and have been furloughed, but others – especially in small businesses and the self-employed – are facing not one but two major dilemmas: one, loss of income, and two, no clear vision of how – and when – the job and business markeplaces will get back to normal … if they ever do.

In the UK the Government is doing a good job of trying to help people but sooner or later the help could run out. It’s a terrifying time.

Now more than even before, some kind words and gentle sympathy for someone who finds themselves in this hole will be truly welcome.

Most of the advice I shared in my original article still applies, although it needs to be adapted for the next several weeks at least in the UK and probably many other countries.

I can’t republish the article here because Google will slap my wrist for using (mostly) duplicate content … so please click here and read the updated version.

Photo thanks to Ben White, @benwhitephotography, via UNSPLASH.