What writing help would be the most useful for you?

We all have to write whether we like it or not. I happen to love it to bits, but I know many of you don’t so need some help. Many of you do, but need some help to get it rolling.

What writing help would be the most useful for you?

How can we help you with your writing? Just say!

So, I want to start a monthly newsletter to make you folks more comfortable with whatever you want or need to write. No bullsh*t, nice and concise.

It will share tips from my vast range of utterly hysterical experience in writing everything from books to funny jokes on toilet rolls (seriously), plus that of many other writing experts from all over the world.

Now, never mind what I think we should share. What do YOU want some help with? For example:

  • Business correspondence, reports, proposals, Ts & Cs, etc
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax advice
  • More powerful emails that get results whether day-to-day or as marketing
  • Delicate stuff, e.g. how to write notes of condolence, or to someone just diagnosed with cancer
  • Blog posts for business or other purposes
  • Blog posts that can eventually become a book whether for business or other purposes
  • Books – yes, really. It’s not that hard these days, with some guidance. Business, self-help, fiction and more.
  • Short stories, memoirs, family histories
  • eBooks for business and other purposes, novellas, etc
  • Humour and jokes
  • Poems (mine are usually very rude, but I also can do nice stuff)
  • Speeches, presentations, talks (content strategy and scripting)
  • Wedding speeches for everyone, not just the boys
  • Marketing copy, although I don’t do that any more – am hoping the copywriters amongst us will take up that element so I can recommend their articles as well as my own from earlier on. (And they’d better be good.)
  • Training, job search, CVs, etc.

Please share what would help you the most with your writing!

I will be eternally grateful for your honest input here in the comments, even if it’s two words the second of which is “off.” Just write your thoughts down in the sections below.

Once the newsletter is ready to go we’ll put a sign-up facility back up here on HTWB so you can, er, sign up.