Where to post your business blogs: the Google view

business blogs,blogging,writing,LinkedIn,Google,indexingWith LinkedIn recently inviting members to post business blogs directly on the LinkedIn site, many of us have been wondering how Google indexes and rates those posts, as compared with the same or similar posts appearing on our own websites and blogs.

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It seems very hard to get any definitive answers here, as I wrote in this article only a week or so back … “Some say if you want a good Google ranking, publish your post on your own blog first. Others say publish it on LinkedIn or wherever first and on your blog later. Yet others, like me, are not sure.” 

The reality seems that it’s a very close race

After a couple of discussions about it in some LinkedIn groups, I offered to seek the views of an expert! And here is the opinion of digital marketing supremo Matt Lambert of Conversationware Digital Marketing

“Had a little quiet time to think it through, and took a screenshot. The article I captured (of mine which appeared here on HTWB and then on LinkedIn 24 hours later) was ranked twice, with your blog ranking higher, even though the LinkedIn domain is more powerful, the Google juice is split between hundreds of thousands of pages and is therefore negligible for any searches other than the very specific. Your blog is higher, but then, having both doesn’t hurt – a bit like choosing which cake to have.

business blogs,LinkedIn,Google,indexing

Matt Lambert’s screenshot of this article of mine, which was posted here on HTWB and on LinkedIn 24 hours later

Google is indexing the Linkedin articles, which is useful.

Not so useful is the fact that although the outbound links on the LinkedIn page are ‘follow’, it seems that the LinkedIn page isn’t passing ‘juice’ along. Somehow. There is speculation that LinkedIn are passing links through a redirect of sorts and not lending authority with those links as a result. Or maybe the pages are so obscure the tools can’t keep up with them. Either way, it won’t hurt, and maybe, gosh gasp, real people will follow the links – imagine that.

Just to confirm, nobody can find any evidence of the incoming links to the pages that are linked to….so it’s not a real SEO strategy as such, but for profile and reputation, it probably is worth it.

Good for LinkedIn

blog,writing,news,blogging,businessLinkedIn will definitely benefit from having loads of content written on the platform. The combination of words is exponential, and therefore the more you have, generally the better. More likely, they are hoping the links and content will be shared, and probably attract external links, if nothing else then the authors themselves may well promote the articles and attract more Google gravity.”

Thanks again to Matt Lambert for his time and interest.

If anyone reading this can add to the information content, please share it with us!