Who’s in Toronto next month?

Toronto,blogging workshops,meetings,Suzan St Maur,September

The purple pimple on the left is the magnificent Rogers Center. The hypodermic syringe is the CN Tower … and yes, we HAVE heard all the jokes about it being the largest free-standing erection in North America.

Typical, isn’t it? You pick a date to go off on a working vacation and within minutes, every one of your clients has an urgent job that can’t possibly wait until you get back.

Toronto,blogging workshops,meetings,Suzan St Maur,September

Something familiar about this Parliament Building in Ottawa?

As always I will be working right up until the night before I stumble into an Air Canada Boeing 777 and snore all the way to Toronto Pearson. (Note to potential fellow travellers: if you’re booked on the 12:05 departure from London on Sept 10th, pack an extra set of earplugs.)

My good friend Lesley will be moving into our house and no sooner will the car be out of the driveway than she will set about reorganizing my office and the rest of the building, filling up at least three skips/dumpsters full of junk that my son and I spend the rest of the year hoarding. She also cares for our four cats and four dogs, along with her own family. It’s lucky we have a big house.

Apart from the garbage-stripping activities, my UK office will be closed from September 10th thru October 6th. But I will be keeping in touch with HTWB and all my buddies on the social media from the other side of the salt-water pond, so don’t think you’re off the hook that easily.

Toronto,blogging workshops,meetings,Suzan St Maur,September

My birth city, Kingston, where Lake Ontario flows into the St Lawrence River, and gateway to the 1,000 Islands

I will be attending some meetings in Toronto with social media and blogging practitioners, and already have been booked to deliver a “What To Write For Your Business Blog” workshop in a venue at The Beach, TO, on September 18th.

UPDATE: We are planning more workshops for late Spring 2015, so get in touch if you’d like to reserve an early-place! 

If anyone reading this wants to catch up with me in or around Toronto, and/or wants me to give a talk on business blogging to a group, drop me a note on suze@suzanstmaur.com as soon as possible, please.

Later in the trip I will be visiting Ottawa, home of numerous members of my family and one of my favorite cities … totally bi-lingual, small, compact and a lot of fun.

And of course, I’ll spend some time in the city where I was born, Kingston … once the capital of Canada until someone decided the food was better near to the Québec border and moved everything up the Rideau River. Still, the “Thousand Islands” are a great attraction and very beautiful.

Anyway, if you’re going to be around and would like to meet, give me a shout!

photo credit: Benson Kua via photopin cc