Why blogging improves your business acumen, not just your sales

HTWB business bloggingRecently my good friend Maureen Windridge of MWBookkeeping fame posted an article about why she blogs for her business, and this really resonated with me – as an anthem for business blogging generally.

Being a salesy sort of person (am a closet/former copywriter) I tend to promote the B2B / B2C marketing benefits of blogging for business because, well, that’s what we marketing types in SME businesses are attuned to.

But Maureen’s article smacked me around the face like a sting-ray on steroids. Why?

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Because it made me realize just what else we SME / microbusiness owners gain from blogging … way beyond the obvious.

Blogging for business makes you learn more

Maureen works as a bookkeeper and accountant and runs this as a very successful small business, serving other SME and microbusinesses in our region. She is typical of many readers here on HTWB. Here is what she said (and I have her permission to quote her) in her article:

What do I get out of blogging apart from web traffic and that all important ‘Google Juice?’

It makes me keep up with what is happening in my industry. I do this by using Google alerts, reading posts in LinkedIn groups relevant to accounting and bookkeeping, following blogs written by people I hold in high regard and subscribing to relevant newsletters.

I have become a better listener. A lot of my blog posts are the result of questions customers and prospective customers ask and comments they make. I have become more aware of what my customers want and what worries they have.

I have learnt how to explain things in plain language that non-accounting people can understand.

What benefits do my customers get as a result of my blogging?

They can be assured that my knowledge is up to date.

They know I care.

They are no longer mystified by the accounting process. They understand the numbers and what is happening in their business.

What should we take away from this about blogging for business?

It’s not rocket science. Blogging offers you the opportunity – in fact obliges you – to research and learn even more about your business, your topic area, than you already know … because you need to share that knowledge with your blog readers. And of course, you and your blog readers will benefit.

What else does blogging for business achieve for us?

HTWB Maureen W

Maureen Windridge

As Maureen says, it makes you a better listener. The fact that you have a blog schedule to work to makes you stop thinking about “what I want to share with my readers” and start thinking about “what do my readers want to read about on my blog.” 

In addition, it gives you the opportunity – as it does in Maureen’s case – to demystify the more complex elements of your product or service and make them appeal to your target audience in terms they will understand.

Just one more way in which blogging for business is probably the most valuable means of productive business communication available today.

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