Why ‘doing it’ can still be fun

Another hilarious poem written by retired GP / family doctor Andrea Kingston, who is fast becoming our resident HTWB poet … this time on how you can still have fun way into your nineties. Rock on!

Why ‘doing it’ can still be fun

why doing it can still be fun

Jumping off the wardrobe isn’t wise. Yet, with a decent parachute …

The sixties and the seventies
When having sex was such a whizz
Were times we felt alive and filled our senses.
We had the pill but not yet AIDS,
Our one concern was getting laid,
Clothes off, to bed and blow the consequences

But nowadays we’ve realised
(We’ve come to terms with dimming eyes,
Though struggle to get hearing aids well-fitting)
That  ‘doing it’ can still be fun,
With three or two or even one
Especially when standing up or sitting.

Although, because we’re getting older,
With our aching back and shoulders
Jumping off the wardrobe isn’t wise,
Yet, with a decent parachute,
(Please put aside that champagne flute)
It’s worth a try no matter what your size.

So when you’re in your seventies,
With mem’ry loss and brand new knees,
It’s time to bring back spice into your life.
Ignore those boring platitudes,
Consent and others’ attitudes;
Go right ahead and snog your neighbour’s wife!

Yes, in your eighties, have a go,
Forget the pills for once, you know
Electric wheelchairs really are quite fun.
So give your partners one more slap
And sit them both upon your lap
With practice ‘three point turns’ can still be done.

Then if you get to ninety nine
And find your interest in decline,
At least you’ll have some memories to cherish;
Remember all those videos
Of when you had ‘get up and go’
Relive it all and watch before you perish!

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