Why Facebook blogging works for small business – equestrian training

Why Facebook blogging works for small business - equestrian training

“I’m using the short posts to keep us fresh in people’s minds and to spread our net wider.”

Facebook is a very popular meeting place for horsey people in the UK and elsewhere.

Demelza Hawes trained at the famous École National d’Equitation of the Cadre Noir at Saumur, France and now runs a high-level horse and rider training business in southern England.

Facebook was the right choice of media for her short, informal blogs.

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How Facebook blogging works for Demelza

HTWB: I see you haven’t started blogging on your website yet, but you are posting some short, interesting material on Facebook. How is this working in terms of strengthening your existing “network” of contacts and building new ones?

Demelza: Posting short notices on FB is less time consuming currently while starting a new business in a new area, hence lack of blogging. I’m using the short posts to keep us fresh in people’s minds and to spread our net wider. We want more people to know we exist, so then lead onto more teaching/training work etc.

HTWB: Who is your “typical client” and why do you feel Facebook is the best social media platform for them?

Demelza: Obviously riders. People keen on leisure riding as well as competition riding. Both male and female, however, females of all age ranges are the highest ratio currently. It seems good currently as so many people are on FB. Also equestrian brands, so as eventually it eases the way towards sponsorship.

HTWB: What other social media platforms do you use, if any, and if so, how do they compare with Facebook in terms of your business?

Demelza: I also use Twitter and will aim to use it more often. I feel it’s helping as more large equestrian businesses can see us, and top riders get to hear about us in a seemingly easier format. Increasing reach and presence is important within the equestrian world. Throughout it, from grass roots to uber  financed!!

HTWB: How do you plan to grow your Facebook blogging or “Faceblogging!?” How do you see it gaining you more business in the future? Do you plan to link from there to longer articles on your own blog eventually, or are these shorter Facebook posts just as good?

Demelza: I’d like to start linking FB posts to the website and then get people purchasing video tips as well as viewing short free titbits. All aiming to increase views, knowledge of our way and increased curiosity leading to using us to coach them. Also fulfilling our desire to help and educate riders towards a better way.

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Some examples of Demelza Hawes’ use of Facebook blogging

Wow, super busy day for all involved today! Nico was busy riding out the hunter next door, and then a good handful for a local showjumper, and then 4 more jumpers in the afternoon!
While I was dressaging my 4 and the eventer we have in for sale, plus a sneaky little lesson was given in the afternoon!
All horses behaving like super stars in the run up to Christmas, with some having semi mini breaks and others taking a break from competing and concentrating on training, plus their free time in the field!!

Very important to release some pressure after a season’s competing. We prefer to slow down the rhythm of training in the week, mixing in more hack time, days off and and some fun play sessions and using the using the gallops occasionally, rather than turning them away completely.
How do you guys give your horses an easy time?? A “staycation” maybe or a complete let down and time in a big field??

We’ve had this awesome XC course up in the indoor the last few days. It’s been just super as a training aid for all our flatwork sessions.
Just because you ride dressage doesn’t mean you can’t jump. Even if you don’t want to jump you can use jumps in the arena to your advantage.
It gives your horse something to look at – let him. Walk around on the buckle and let him understand it’s all ok. Wait for him to settle before picking up the reins and starting work.
The obstacles in your way will make you look up and forward plan your direction – very much needed, especially in a competition warm up!!
Work in and out, turning circles, half circles and 3/4 circles around the arena, constantly changing the rein and bend. Add transitions.
Work your lateral movements toward the obstacles, moving actively and forward on a diagonal line away. This forces you as a rider to be more precise and get to know your stride lengths and length of your horse’s frame. If the jumps are inviting and simple, pop over one occasionally from an easy trot and balanced canter.
Above all, play a little, change where you do your simple or flying changes according to the lines you can take. Much fun can be achieved for you and your horse!
Happy training ~ Be imaginative!!

Love this…brings back some happy memories of the late summer training camp…good job guys, nice little video too lol!!


How do you feel about bijou blogging for small businesses on Facebook? Obviously it’s not going to be right for every small business, but within many niches it seems to be making a useful contribution. Please share your views!




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