NOW will you listen to why good spelling matters?

If you still think good spelling doesn’t really matter in these informal online days, just take a look at this catalogue of stupid goofs.

But don’t laugh. Why? Because most of these images shared on social media serve only to remind us why if we want to be taken seriously, we need to get our spelling right.

HTWB spelling mistake are dangerous

This was on social media recently. Numerous jokes were made about “brians.” The poor lady’s message was forgotten.

If spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. are wrong, people tend to focus on that

And while they’re chuckling at a mistake, what else happens?

The whole point of the message … which often is serious and very worthwhile … gets totally annihilated because people focus on the mistake.

They laugh. They become distracted by it. They misinterpret the message. They fail to see how an organisation making such careless mistakes can be professional.

“If they can’t get their spelling and grammar right, what else do those people get wrong?”

Take a look through these few examples…

HTWB spelling matters

For all we know, this image could have been relating to suicide or mental health issues. Instead? We snicker at the misspelling, “Stronges.”

HTWB spelling goofs matter

Obviously there were strong feelings here about the issue concerned, but a spelling mistake gave the political opposition an excuse to lampoon it. Whatever your political views, that was a cheap trick.

HTWB spelling goofs are dangerous

More politics, and more opportunities for the opposition to make fun not only of the mistake, but also of the concept.

HTWB silly spelling mistakes

Just one silly mistake (well, two) and instantly the status of Federal, State and LA County highway funds is made to look shabby.

HTWB no more spelling mistakes

Would you entrust the care and cleaning of your curtains and rugs to these people? Or would you wonder how closely they check their systems, service and quality control?

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HTWB spelling mistakes

Some people might not even notice the punctuation and spelling goofs here. Others might start laughing at them and forget to put on their hard hats. Spelling and other mistakes are distracting. That can be dangerous.

HTWB good spelling is safer

Another instance in which you don’t want any distractions … just one wrong letter and you’ll take some drivers’ eyes off the ball. That could just be asking for trouble.

HTWB spelling goofs make you look stupid

This might give students a smile – especially if they were English exams – but it doesn’t give the examining body or educational institution quite the status they may deserve…

HTWB spelling goofs

This must give their more grammar-aware employees a smile for the day each time they see it. Let’s hope employees take the message seriously, even though the mistakes are a joke.

Do you think workplace spelling mistakes are merely funny? Or do you think they can do serious damage?

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