Why good writing skills matter for ‘action jobs’

medium_6777931751We all know that good writing skills are important for business. But what about for “action jobs” like the police, armed forces, train drivers, paramedics, etc.? Do people who rescue victims from burning buildings also need to write well? I asked Richard McMunn, who runs a recruitment business specializing in this type of career, to share his views…

Writing skills touch on the basic aspects of life. Everywhere you go, everything you do, you can see the concept of writing and it being put to use in some form of professional way. In action roles such as the police, paramedic work, and even train driving you can find the need for writing skills to be at a very high demand. The reason for this is due to a few different factors which we look at below.

Accurately written reports can save lives (and jobs…)

The potential for consequences. A poorly written report can lead to the accused offender from getting off whatever charges may be brought onto him. Missing a detail, or not properly documenting key information to a case can lead to a good lawyer twisting the information and essentially putting it to rest as nothing more than a flawed report. Many solicitors will decline the prosecution all together if a report is written poorly and shows poor grammar.

The social media. The social media will get its hands on the information regarding the case and there’s a very good chance they’ll get the report itself. When the report is put together it is notating time and incident and the very fine key points that make a case a case. A poor report will have no justification and the social media will be able to blow it up making the police department look like a disgrace.

Train drivers. Train drivers operate on reports and schedule. The importance of a well put together schedule and the compliance to run their trains in an effective manner needs to be clear, offering direction and compliance to passenger and employee alike. By having a clear set of expectations you can ensure every travel journey goes as well as it possibly can.

small__6280792005Incident reports. Incident reports can be put together for a number of reasons. If there is an injury, an incident report needs to be put together to legally establish the fine points of an incident that has potential to escalate to legal levels. A poorly written report will leave an individual that was injured on his own and unable to properly fight for the problem that occurred. Just the opposite, a well-written report will lead to someone who was injured applying for and receiving what they requested in terms of benefits and compensation.

Medical reports. Medical reports are vital pieces of information for a doctor to properly address a medical problem. If someone has experienced a wound of some sort, the proper notation of the affected areas, as well as notation on what has already been applied to help the injury, will allow the doctor to make proper adjustments to treatment and establish the best way to continue it. By properly establishing the information here and leaving no gaps, it allows for the most efficient and helpful treatment and in some cases may aid entirely on the saving of lives. This method of working is also prominent for paramedics.

Release forms. Release forms are primarily associated with medical terms and will have the procedures to properly address an illness or injury once leaving the care of the hospital. The more detailed this report is, the more likely the patient will be able to properly take care of themselves and fully fix the problem. A poorly written report that misses key components will leave a patient unable to address the situation properly and may cause additional problems in the future.

Wider implications of good report writing

The writing of reports in various aspects of life has a huge impact on strategy as well as goal setting, proper labeling, and resolution. It touches on the common idea of routinely handling situations and allows a reference point to look back on. It can be the simple procedure of directions. In all aspects, it is a collection of important information that eventually leads to a strong conclusion.

By grasping the importance of information and how important it is that it should be accurately documented, it is accepting the strength of communication on all levels of life. By having strong writing skills it makes the jobs of all professional levels work at a higher level of efficiency, and grants a chance to constantly improve.

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