Why I love being a business writer

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My mother told me many years ago to forget writing and get a proper job. Mind you, she did have “issues…”

On LinkedIn recently, my good friend Mark Orr posed some interesting questions about business generally. One that struck me the most was this:

…if you were going to promote yourself as successful what would that success look like to you and how would you describe it?

Here is what I replied, and I really would like your honest views about it (in the comments below…)

My mother told me many years ago to get a proper job and stop farting about trying to be a writer

It’s worth mentioning that my mother had a major jealousy problem where I was concerned so didn’t want to see me do anything more than she could have achieved, in her view.

But although my mother’s idea of a successful career for a woman was that of being a secretary, even in those dim, dark, misogynistic days, had I chosen to I probably could have become an entrepreneur and made some fairly respectable money.

Are we right to choose to work at what we love, not just what pays the bills?

However, all I ever loved, as a hobby as well as being a business source, was writing.

Not fiction (although one of my only few ventures has been in the supernatural fiction area and I even won an award once for a ghost-based short story. More of that maybe for the future.)

No, my true love for now, is nonfiction: writing/blogging for business, writing humour, combining business writing with humour (and I am getting astounding traffic for my funny business blogs which amazes me) … to me, that’s success.

I admit, I have other business interests entirely unconnected with marketing and online content that do help to keep the wolf from the door.

But even if I hadn’t, my own perception of success is being able to do what I love, and make enough money from it to keep the show on the road.

“So, if you were going to promote yourself as successful what would that success look like to you and how would you describe it?”

I think I’m successful because I have amassed a lot of knowledge and experience in business writing which I share, and I find that my readers appreciate it, share it on, and buy my books that talk about it.

They also hire me to help them get better results from their writing, whether I do it for them or teach them how to do it themselves.

Either way I may not be earning as much as I could were I to have chosen another career, but by doing what I love and helping others to achieve good stuff, I’m fulfilling a dream many others could only – well, er, dream about.

Are you doing what you “must…” – or what you love?

Please share…

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  1. Mark’s question: “So, if you were going to promote yourself as successful what would that success look like to you and how would you describe it?” comes directly out of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, a model developed during the 1980s in Milwaukee by family therapists Steve DeShazer and Insoo Kim Berg.

    It’s not about where you are now, but clarifying how you really wanna wanna be, although it’s definitely a good question and not for wannabees 😉

    The interesting thing is that the more I achieve the things I wanted out of life, the less I value many of them, and those I do value I tend not to shout about.

    I’ve never found your business image to seem contrived Su, and if it is then you are expert in managing social perception. I guess I’m saying that in my experience it’s those who aren’t who tend to ‘shout’, whilst those who are tend to quietly get on with their lives and gather people around them who admire their talents.

    • Good points there, Stephen. And interesting what you say about the more you achieve the things you wanted out of life the less you value many of them. Could it be that it’s the striving to achieve things that you love most of all? 🙂