Why some guest bloggers should have been sterilized at birth

When you invite people to submit guest posts to your blog, you can be inviting trouble. When I was editing a multi-author blogsite I found that most were at the least, interesting, many were very good, and one or two were just so terrible they made me scream with laughter when they rattled through my inbox.

This one, though, had me utterly confused. Literally I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – particularly when I finally worked out what the topic was: communication strategies.

Now here, children, is a superb example, quoted verbatim, of the complete and utter bullsh*it that pervades the internet, masquerading as “good content.” I’ll forgive you if you’re laughing so hard after the first paragraph that you have to skip to the end or you’ll choke on your cappuccino. Ready?

(No headline, but how about “Why I am obsessed with communication strategies even though I don’t know what they are”)

The Very best communication strategies speak details on five W’s and one H – Why, What, Who, When, Where and How, and help you strategies communication with viewers, other stakeholders and your co-workers. They improve the entertaining communication, provide framework for determining activities that require outreach, consider prospective mail messages and followers, and create automobiles to produce details.

the very best communication strategies are designed to increase the distributed details and reduce misinterpretations. Communication strategies must take into account concept, viewers, prospective automobiles, options required and reviews systems as the best communication strategies are the designs for making an offer to notify and to be advised by the others. They can also confirm to be quite useful in speeding up quick details distribution in fast unfolding activities.

In circumstances, when issues are complicated or delicate, best communication strategies help you to systematize details and deal with the issues that may happen out of these issues. Best Communication Strategies let you avoid prospective uncertainty about difficult issues, as you technique in advance.

While developing the best communication strategies, it is essential to factor in the Independence of Information Act available to people. Also, ‘time’ is of crucial substance in best communication strategies. During problems, it is crucial to make sure fast details exchange, a fact the best communication strategies cannot manage to neglect.

The very Best Communication Strategies make sure Communication needs to be satisfied throughout an event or venture. This needs an early research of members and their tasks. A effective communication strategies is often a aspect of the bigger group, action or technique.

The very Best Communication Strategie are known to deal with the question, why the communication is necessary. A single targeted concept that needs to be conveyed must be determined. Next, what is to be obtained with the communication must also be deliberated upon. Is the objective simply offering details or improving attention or inspiring action or developing agreement or modifying conduct or advertising group involvement or solving clash or asking for a reaction or one or more of these or something else? Once Communication objective is developed, it can be included as aspect of the concept.

Messages to be conveyed can be detailed, mentioned more completely and rated according to concern, before they are refined down to two or three key mail messages. In the same way, all prospective followers can be determined and questions approaching them can be brought up so as to increase the potency of concept and create an effective shipping process.THE BEST COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES

And the funniest bit?

This post – one of those glorious “article spinning” specials, I suspect – purports to come from a very mysterious (and surprisingly, hardly ever visited) website called….you guessed it? Whatis-communication .com.

What, indeed. They don’t know – that’s for sure.

Now – let’s get the best from your blogging:

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  1. I guess they wanted the link to “best communication strategies” in the text right?

  2. A sure fire case of an overstuffed keyword, Suze. What a hoot though!

  3. I use an iPad app called Zite, which curates articles in my areas of interest. I am frequently surprised at how often Zite pulls in utter crap from sources like the one you quote (and ignores great content . . . like mine!).

    • I find that strangely comforting, Mary … at least it shows that machines, no matter how sophisticated, can’t replace humans when it comes to common sense!

  4. I just want to cry when I read some of the crap we get sent. We get some great / good and I am trying my very best articles, which we publish. This however…

    PS what keywords do you think he’s going for?? 😉

    • LOL @ Sarah … what I simply can’t bring myself to believe is that marketers are willing to accept such crap and put it out there as content which – even indirectly – can be associated with their businesses. I know such articles are “sprats to catch mackerels,” but in this case it’s more appropriate to call them “prats to catch mackerels…”

  5. If I had read this post on their website, I would have instantly lost interest and passed on. As it is, you got me curious about the content so I (really!) did read on till the end. Such crap, no need actually to finish the whole sorry stuff but I guess I needed the laugh too.

  6. My humour must be off today – I found it irritating garbage rather than funny… 🙁

  7. Shhh… hear that?

    It’s the sound of my bald head bouncing off my desk.



  8. Still trying to work out how automobiles are linked to communication

  9. Sounds like this was sent thru the Bing translation app a few times. My roommate thinks “automobiles” should be “vehicle”, I was too bleary eyed by that point to even try to figure it out 🙂

  10. Oh my! There really is a right way to use a content spinner – this was not it, however. I’ve seen whole blogs full of this sort of thing, and I bet these are the same people who can’t seem to understand why they don’t get traffic or rankings.

  11. Hi Kelly – fortunately the new Google algorithms introduced since I wrote this article have gotten rid of a lot of this type of nonsense. And thank Heavens for it!