Why writing is our new comfort food

Do you ever wonder what’s going to go schiz next before we break out the virtual bubbly and sing Auld Lang Syne on Zoom for December 31st this year?

Assuming an earthquake hasn’t chopped off and sucked the United States down into the Gulf of Mexico leaving a comfortable isthmus between South America and Canada to use for amicable trade arrangements at last?

why writing is our new comfort food

At a time when flying pigs and unicorns seem not only normal but mundane, simple activities like writing are comfort foods to feed our inner souls.

Or assuming that the World Health Organisation hasn’t turned out to be a group run by aliens from another galaxy who take pleasure in watching us all shrivel up from evil viruses so they can take over and mine our few remaining natural resources?

Or assuming that Vladimir Putin and XI Jinping don’t turn out to have been conjoined twins (having then had a little culture-defining cosmetic surgery) who secretly plan to turn their countries into Ruschina and dominate the universe?

Writing about writing when the world is falling apart

I know I’m being frivolous, but given the sheer lunacy of 2020 when I still write articles about getting grammar and spelling right in English, I start to wonder if I’m wasting my time and we should all be learning Russian, Mandarin, or somewhere between the two? (How about ‘Russiarin,’ or ‘Mandian?’)

And as for American English, dear old Noah Webster is not only likely to be turning in his grave, but also digging himself up from it and saying “I’m outta here,” as he teleports to Mars. Don’t blame him. Not so many snotty Brits up there bitching about ‘Us’ and double consonants.

Time to reframe? And could writing help keep us sane?

At a time when flying pigs and unicorns seem not only normal but mundane, simple activities like writing are foods to feed our inner souls.

Setting out our feelings of despair at this lunatic world in a simple journal is probably as comforting as a double cheeseburger and fries.

Sharing our thoughts in social media posts with like-minded fellow humans is probably more soothing than a margherita pizza.

Emailing a friend in a far-flung location and sharing simple family updates is as relaxing as a steaming dish of mac ‘n’ cheese.

So don’t give up on writing just yet

When everything around you is going t*ts up, it’s worth clinging on to the simple things that ground us.

Writing is one of them.

And much as I hate to nag, you need to write reasonably correct English to make sure who reads it can understand you.

What do you find most soothing during this hysterical time?

Please share your views in the Comments below.

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