“Having trouble getting replies to your emails? Apparently, one of the best ways to get a reply is to write as if you’re 9 years old.

Before we all panic about the dumbing down of society, however, it’s worth taking an extra moment to think about why you always want to write in a way that a 10-year-old can grasp.

To get replies, the company suggests using shorter, simpler sentences — hence the third-grade reading level. Writing this way generally gets a response rate of 53 percent, as opposed to 45 percent for messages written at a high school reading level.

Writing too simply also drops your chances of a reply — messages written at a kindergarten reading level get replies only 46 percent of the time. But the worst response rate was for those writing at a college reading level, at 39 percent. Apparently — as many third graders will tell you — no one likes a smarty-pants.”