Why yummy makes me want to vommy

Are there any words that you absolutely hate the sound of, for no proper reason? Here’s one of mine from #Mischieverse … enjoy.

HTWB tongue 2


There is a word that makes me cringe
And feel I want to vommy
I know I really shouldn’t whinge
But that damned word is “yummy.”

I’m OK to anthropomorphise
Or baby-speak like Mommy
Or use the F-word some despise
As long as it’s not “yummy.”

Most parents love to hide away
Life’s more unpleasant bummies
By using euphemisms, say
But not those f*cking “yummies.”

If Mary Poppins couldn’t make
Some sugar fool taste buddies
Then sure as hell we’ll never fake
Those medicines, saying they’re “yummies.”

And then we get the yeee-hah folks
Whose speech is less than dummy
Despite being adults fond of jokes
They seriously say “yummy.”

What do they mean with this foul word
Reminiscent of corpse gummy?
Not its likeness to a turd?
Would that be something “yummy?”

Even more of nauseous natures
Is the use of this sad termie
When employed by social creatures
Seeking fame being “yummy.”

Oh, look at my new plastic tuck
A surgical new tummy
Not that you give a flying f*ck
But still you call it “yummy.”

To p*ss me off you simply use
The word that makes me chuckie
I will always blow a fuse
At nauseating “yummy.”

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Excerpted from “Mischieverse: rude humour that sort-of rhymes”

by Suzan St Maur
to be published in 2017
by Corona Books UK
© Suzan St Maur 2017